Into the Deep!

Saint Joseph Monastery

To all our web savvy friends – Greetings from the cloister!

     We are so excited about this new vocation promotion endeavor – I very well believe we are the first of all the communities of Passionist Nuns throughout the world to have a blog. (Although, I would love to be corrected about that!)

#90 in our Rule & Constitutions states

     The Passionist Nuns, being cooperators with God who chooses and calls whom He wills, strive to encourage vocations by making known the value of the consecrated life and the challenge involved in the following of Christ Crucified, as also through the example of their lives, their prayer and the spoken and written word.

     In your charity, please offer a prayer for us as we “strive to encourage vocations” to Passionist life by casting our net into the deep sea of blogging.

     P.S. I can’t forget to extend a special thanks Louisville seminarian Matthew Hardesty (native of Owensboro, KY) who took time away from his retreat in our retreat house to help us become a bit more educated about blogs. God reward you Matthew! And our continued prayers as you seek to be a priest of Jesus Christ. (Visit Matthew’s blog:


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12 thoughts on “Into the Deep!

  1. You Tube is waiting for you! I typed in Maximilian Kolbe and there were several videos on him. You could do it as well !

  2. Happy Pentecost Day!
    That event about 2000 years ago brought many salvific fruits and still, the best is yet to come. God is good.

  3. Goodness gracious sisters,

    What a wonderful thing you have done, know that you will remain in my prayers as this endeavor continues to draw many new vocations to your community. I will be visiting the tomb of St. Paul of the Cross today and will offer a couple of prayers for you.

    In Christ, Will

  4. I love your new blog site! It is beautifully done. It makes me feel like I am almost there with you to share in things that are going on there. I do miss being there and miss each of you.

    Mother Catherine Marie’s feast day sounded like so much fun.

    I miss you all and will see you in June.

    In His love,


  5. Wow Sisters! I’m so impressed! I haven’t been in contact with you all for awhile and just look at what you’ve been up to. Congratulations on your success in getting this blog up and running.

    Recently, I went to a Ministry and Technology Workshop at St. Meinrad. It was for campus and youth ministers and vocation directors…and for me, as I dabble in both ministries, voluntarily of course. It was all about using new technologies for ministry purposes. There were some people there who were amazed and overwhelmed by all that’s out there and some that are already utilizing them. They really do provide a way to reach more people almost instantly…especially young people. I just try to learn as I go along, not having grown up with it like the youth of today. I’m having enough challenge right now just trying to learn Spanish. Si.

    May God bless your work and may it bear abundant fruit for all.

    Hope to see you all again soon.

    Isn’t the springtime just beautiful!!!

  6. I, too, wish to congratulate the Sisters on this awesome blog page. May God continue to draw those He will to His side. I will tell some of my friends to check it out. I know that God will bless your efforts.

  7. Sisters,
    You never know what’s going to happen next! I look forward to keeping up with your blog. Those of us living with the Little Sisters have been keeping one as well. It’s a nice way to keep updated.
    I start driving home on Monday! Please pray for our travels- my brother came to help me drive. I look foward to seeing you all sometime this summer!!!
    God bless,

  8. What a wonderful idea! You will be able to reach many people with this blogging ! Pope John Paul II would be very proud. He was a great promoter of our secular tools of communication.
    We will pass the word along here at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Books. God bless our sisters!

    Kelly Hedges

  9. Dear Sisters,
    Congratulations on your beautiful blog! I pray that it will draw not only many young women to your beautiful community but many people to learn and appreciate your beautiful vocation and its part in the mystical body of Christ!

    Don’t forget to put a link to your website!

    God bless you! I hope eventually to put up a post and list of monastic blogs.

    In Christ and Mary,
    Sr. Mary Catharine

    Happy Feast day to Mother Catherine

  10. Dear Sisters,
    Congratulations on your new blogg. I’m so happy you are living out on the light of Vatican II, especially in its exhortation to use the Media resources in order to evangelize.
    May God will always bless you as you begin this new event.
    I owe you a lot because I can feel the power of your prayers.

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