Passionist Nuns Worldwide

   Recently a woman asked if there are Passionist monasteries in Germany or the United Kingdom.  Visit this link, scroll to the bottom and click on the Passionist Nuns: Life and Spirituality. Please note, I am not sure how up-to-date this address list is.  May the Lord bless your search!

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3 thoughts on “Passionist Nuns Worldwide

  1. My aunt (Mother Mary Catherine) was the Mother Superior of the Passionist Nuns in Daventry, England. Sadly she passed away several years ago (well over 100 years old), and the group disbanded and returned to several other locations in Europe and the U.S.
    As a side note, this group of women was spectacular. I spent many summers at their beautiful convent and surrounding land. The memories of those times stays with me still 30+ years later.
    This was an international group, and I learned much from them. Truly, a wonderful group of women.

    So good to hear from you – a relative of one of our Passionist Nuns! Thank you for sharing with our readers.

  2. Dear Sisters,
    Sadly the passionist nuns in the uk seemed to be no more .
    I wish they were here as I would love to visit a passionist monastery

    • there are still some Passionist nuns in the UK, but there are only two left. They have been living next door to Belmont Abbey for some years, and are about to move to a new house next door to Minsteracres Passionist Retreat Centre.

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