Seven Days of Prayer

    You can be sure all of us Sisters are remembering you in our prayers during this Septenary in preparation for the great Solemnity of Our Lady of Sorrows. Click here to read meditations posted in 2008. Just keep scrolling down for each day. Today is Day 2 (you will have to go to the “next” page to find Day 1 and Day 2 meditations. Sorry it is kind of confusing but it is the best I can do with my monastic schedule! 🙂  These meditations are awesome. They are not only devotional but also share Our Lady of Sorrow’s particular role in our Passionist Congregation.

    May our Lady obtain special graces for you to carry your cross not only with resignation but with LOVE – truly, that is a grace!


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3 thoughts on “Seven Days of Prayer

  1. Hello sisters, sorry I am probably replying to the wrong one here, but never mind. I wanted to congratulate you for being so great on that EWTN programme Life on the Rock, you were excellent sister.

    I have my friend Frank here the Scottish Postulant, and he would like to ask, hold on sister Frank himself would like to ask you…here you go…
    Hello! It’s great to know you are praying for us here, God knows we need it! Rest assured of the prayers of the community here! I used to have little red and blue books on St Gemma, that I am sure was published by yourselves, they were her autobiography and one was her life story, does that sound right, and if so can you still get them?
    In particular I am keen to get the one that had the holy hour St Gemma did on a Thursday night?
    Thanks for your time, and we’ll speak again soon hopefully, regards Frank and Gareth…

    So good to hear from you – our Passionist brothers in the Lord! We have a holy Passionist staying in our guest quarters this week – Fr. Fred Sucher of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Regarding the books you inquired about…we are so busy here right now but I hope to get back with you about that next week. I’ll need to go down and check the gift shop.

    I am so glad you were able to watch Sr. Rose Marie and I on “Life on the Rock”. It was truly an awesome experience! I hope to write more about it on the blog – God permitting and the creek don’t rise! 🙂

  2. Dear Passionist nuns,

    I just want to say that during the Feast of Mother of Sorrows 3 Servita postulants will invest! The Servita sisters are like apostolic Passionists! 🙂 Almost the same spirituality, the old habit was almost the same.
    If you have a little time, please, pray for them.

    Noémi, a Servita aspirant

    You can be assured of our prayers! What wonderful news. From the U.S.A. to Hungary – May the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of Mary be ever in our hearts!

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