Autumn in a Kentucky Monastery

   We have delighted much in the change of seasons this autumn. We know once the leaves fall from the trees we will once again see much of the misery left over from the ice storm last February. But the Lord has been easing the transition for us by giving us a beautiful show.

    Here is a hilarious sight!
During the ice storm this tree broke off just above the rope that was holding it in place.
That rusty old stake is STILL doing its job!


Enjoy the tour!

Fog over the lake at sunrise


St. Paul of the Cross trail


The garden



The swing


The glory of the Crabapple Tree


See the half moon?


Our “Monte Argentario”


Novitiate members out for an afternoon walk


St. Joseph keeping guard over his monastery


A glimpse of the panoramic view one sees when entering the grounds of St. Joseph Monastery and Guest House.

    Have you made your annual retreat? I invite you to consider making a retreat on these holy grounds! Join us for the Liturgy…walk the grounds…rest in the silence of God’s presence. 


O see how the cross is lifted up…to draw all men unto Him…
a day lived for the glory of God and salvation of souls…


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11 thoughts on “Autumn in a Kentucky Monastery

  1. Hi Kirstine, I found you!

    Paul told me your blog was finished but then I found the link. Peace and good things to you there. Mary McGrath

    P. S. Just printing off an article for my current CSMA class – “The Irish Catholic Experience”.

  2. Hello Kirstine and all!

    I’m so glad to see the beautiful!

    I have an announcement, though: because a cloistered monastery Awarded my blog, and because a friend of mine is there with you, and because I love the Passionist Charism…I’m tagging YOU if you accept the same award: Gorgeous Blogger Award.

    Everyone here thinks you have a Gorgeous Blog, but even more importantly, a Gorgeous Vocation, a Gorgeous Love for Our Lord especially in His Passion.

    Please display the award even if you haven’t the time to award it to anyone else, for I hope that through it others may be drawn to you.

    God bless, and please pray for us! (We also pray for you!)

    God bless you for thinking of us! This is the 2nd time we were “tagged” for this award in the past week. May Jesus Crucified be always more known and loved.

  3. Well sister, where I am is quite beautiful too, however I think your place is absolutely stunning!!!!!
    I hope you are all well, we are keeping you in our prayers here.

    There was a previous photo with all girls in it on a nun run, that was great too. I noticed there was a girl with an Irish top, was she from Ireland did you know sister?

    God bless, Gareth

    Greetings Gareth! No, she is not from Ireland. We did ask her and I believe she said she had been there to visit.

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  5. I loved these photos! How blessed your community are, to be able to live their special vocations, in such beautiful and tranquil surroundings. God must seem so close. May he bless you all; the world has great need of women like yourselves,who sacrifice all,to pray for the needs of all humanity.

    Bernadette, the Lord bless you for your very meaningful comment!

    Come Lord Jesus!

  6. Wow, it looks so peaceful! I love looking at pictures. Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures and sharing them with us. 🙂

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