Last day to eat meat till Christmas

    So the saying goes on Thanksgiving Day in a monastery that doesn’t eat meat on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays nor during Advent and Lent. 

    Yes, it has been awhile (again) since I posted. This one is for A.K.W. – you know who you are!

   Many ask if we celebrate Thanksgiving in a monastery – of course!  For us it is a gaudeamus day – one of those rare days when silence and fast is dispensed the whole day. “Sister Cook” treated us to a wonderful breakfast and dinner with great left-overs for supper. Most of our food was donated and to those donors we express a might grateful “God reward you!”

Our Sister who resides at The Carmel Home (nursing home) was able to join us for the noon meal and a visit

    Some of us watched “Father of Mercy” that morning and evening. It is the life story of Blessed Carlo Gnocchi. It is one of those movies from Ignatius Press that is over 3 hours long! Talk about “spiritual fatherhood”…this priest truly lived his life as an alter Christus. This was a great movie to watch during the Year for Priests.

Sister is happy – she got to remove her sling yesterday!

Too much turkey?

    Other Sisters took this time to work outdoors, work on Christmas cards or visit our Sister who is in the hospital (BTW – she is still in the hospital two week now – currently they are looking at the gall bladder – please pray they can find out what is going on). 

    We also celebrate Thanksgiving liturgically with a special votive Thanksgiving Day Office and Mass. So it was a full day for us – a day of Thanking God for our innumerable blessings – and one last feast before Advent.

    We pray you have a most grace-filled Advent!

    P.S.  God-willing – there won’t be such a long stretch before the next blog post! 


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2 thoughts on “Last day to eat meat till Christmas

  1. too much turkey? no. is a turkey? there’s a chance… 😉

    in light of the holiday season, sisters, do you have any readings on the child/infant Jesus to recommend? i know some really holy people have had serious devotion to the child Jesus; i’m wondering where towould get started.

    Greetings Charlotte!!!

    You might try reading “The Passion of the Infant Christ” by Caryll Houselander. That is what comes to my mind now. If I think of some more suggestions I put it in a post.

    Have a blessed Advent!

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