Soon your Savior will come to you!

In my heart Sweet Jesus
Find a resting place,
Stay therein forever,
Fill it with Thy grace.

Cleanse it, make it holy,
Filled with Love Divine,
Make it meek and humble,
Make it like to Thine.

This entry was posted by Sponsa Christi.

4 thoughts on “Soon your Savior will come to you!

  1. can i be please ask that you remember us in your prayers….we own a business and have comeup to some very difficult times….in fact we already have
    recieved a eviction notice unless we come up with 40,000 dollars….IknowGod can do it all…most of all i pray that deep in my heart can learn to trust and accept the Lords blessing in this matter
    ….and leave it in His hands….so please pray that i can trust in the LORDS blessing….

  2. I just love this website. It is a place I come to bask in it’s peace and serenity.
    May you all have a Merry Christmas and a fruitful year in 2010.

    The Lord bless you!

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