One Fearless Goose!

“…HONKhonkHONKhonkHONKhonkHONKhonk!!!…”  Rather than the Lord Jesus walking through the door and saying “Peace be with you.”, this was what Ane Kirstine heard on Easter Sunday night!

Although this “wild goose chase” took place a few weeks ago we thought it worth retelling here. 

   On Easter evening Ane Kirstine was walking around the lake at the end of the hour of prayer. The Canadian geese have a nest and she got too close. The last she looked they were on the other side of the lake but suddenly she heard a noise and turned around to see this gander, about five feet above the ground, torpedo flying at her. She had a book in her hand and warded him off somewhat, at least the beak, breast and feathers hit her. It knocked him down but undeterred he came back at her and knocked her down!

    Christie was sitting up by the monastery and could not see but heard the commotion and Ane Kirstine yell, “Alright, I’m leaving!” Ane Kirstine meanwhile had dropped her book and it was between her and the goose who was still hissing. She considered leaving the book but it was a good one (a Gregorian missal!) so she braved another attack and retrieved her book and took off running, by now late for her kitchen duties. She had on her Easter best, a grass stained white shirt and muddy jumper. Thanks be to God she was not hurt though she relived it in her dreams that night. All the years we have been here she is the first one to actually be assaulted though they threaten plenty. You have to hand it to the geese for being fearless in protecting their young when you consider how many times bigger Ane Kirstine is than a goose. 

  Moral of the story: Do not approach a nest of Canadian geese even if they seem absent!

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10 thoughts on “One Fearless Goose!

  1. Well Ane Kirstine at least you won’t worry about the poor birds the next time you will be eating goose in community ha ha, oh you poor thing!!!!

    I am so not PC but I have to tell this joke, feel free not to share it with others but here it is, A buglar broke into a house and started to search for valuables. As he did so, he passed a budgie in the cage and the bird said “hey my name is Peter, I can see you and so can Jesus”. The burglar paid no attention and continues ransacking the room. Again the budgie called out: “Hey my name is Peter, I can see you and so can Jesus”. The burglar decided to show he was not intimidated by the bird and said “hey Peter I don’t care if you and Jesus can see me, what are you going to do about it you are only a budgie!!!” “Maybe” replied Peter, “but Jesus is the rottweiller standing behind you!!”

  2. Sister:
    So sorry this happened to you. we had several geese, but they do bite.. my husband taught me a trick:
    Spread your arms open wide,,, and that makes the geese think you are much bigger, and they will back off. Most of the time.. I have done this, and it has worked very well for me..
    God Bless,

  3. A pair of Canada geese built a nest near to where my son lives. As soon as the goslings hatched they set up the parade – female in the front, the goslings in line and then the male bringing up the rear. You didn’t dare get too close or the male would charge.

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  5. Dear Sisters,
    Yes, Canadian geese can be very cranky. Here in Vancouver, BC, Canada they have been known to go after small children!

    They are very territorial and come back to exactly the same place every year. They are paired for life, which is kind of nice to know!

    The state bird of Hawaii is a NeNe which is actually a morphed Canadian goose! I’ve learned so much while travelling. Thank goodness Ane Kirstine is unharmed!

  6. I live in British Columbia, and Canadian geese can be violent. There is a park in my town where some of the geese have obviously taken on something with teeth (maybe riding lawn mower?) because there are several with only one leg! They’ll chase, hopping on one leg, hissing and half flying.
    So glad that Ane Kristine escaped as she did. The geese will bite. I guess it will be an Easter she will never forget! God bless.

  7. I live in Toronto where believe it or not; Canada Geese are really prevalent. It’s not unheard of to hear a traffic report about cars being held up by a family of them crossing the ramp of a highway or a major downtown street!!
    They are aggressive and will bite; sometimes unprovoked; so give them space.
    That would have been a scary experience for Ane Kirstene; I would have dreams about it too!

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