Mary, Queen of May, ora pro nobis!

     Thought you might enjoy a little peek at this year’s May procession. Our Lady is of UTMOST importance in the life of a Passionist Nun. She is our Mother of Mercy who teaches us how to be trusting brides of her Son – Crucified Love. 

      While outdoors we sang Marian hymns.

     The above photo is one of my favorites…symbolizing us with Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross – where, in what appeared an utter failure, love triumphed over evil and the New Adam redeemed his Bride.

     Sr. Rose Marie carried Our Lady’s crown

     Once inside our newest member Ane Kirstine crowned the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows in the back of our chapel. We then renewed our Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and prayed the Litany.

     Our Lady of Sorrows, Queen of the Passionist Congregation, ora pro nobis!

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5 thoughts on “Mary, Queen of May, ora pro nobis!

  1. Beautiful pictures dear Sisters. I’m pretty sure Mother Mary was smiling down upon you.

    Happy Pentecost!


    Thanks Larena – Jesus bless you! Blessed Pentecost!

  2. Thank you, Sponsa Christi. That looks like a very helpful resource. God bless and please keep us in your prayers. We will continue to pray for your wonderful community.

  3. Greetings David!

    You commented on growing together in devotion to Mary. Are you familiar with the Apostolate for Family Consecration founded by Jerry and (Servant of God)Gwen Coniker?

    Their apostolate is specifically aimed at Consecrating the Family to Jesus through Mary using the spirituality of St. Louis Marie De Montfort and the Servant of God Pope John Paul II.

    I think you might find a lot of helpful resources on this site or just give them a call. Sr. John Mary’s cousin Anna is a Catholic Corps Member there; she has devoted her life to this apostolate. They would be more than happy to point out the resources that would be most helpful to you.

  4. What gorgeous photographs and what a beautiful procession. I hope and pray that someday I can visit your monastery for a retreat. God bless you all.

    Please pray that my wife and I might grow together in devotion to Mary. I gave my wife a copy of True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort for Mother’s Day, but she’s having some difficulty getting her mind around it. It’s a challenging book! Please pray that Mary will lavish her maternal care upon us.

    In Jesu XPI Passio,

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