Passionist Nuns 100 Years in USA Part II

    It has been a while since Christie and Sr. John Mary arrived home from the Centennial celebration in Pittsburgh. But we still have lots to share with you. I’m going to just dive in where we left off. So, if you haven’t been following the story see the previous posts.

    Saturday found us exploring the grounds where the five foundresses settled in 1910. 

Here is a lovely old shrine

This quote fits in beautifully with these photos but it is actually a plaque found at our Passionist Father’s monastery in Pittsburgh which we also visited. More about that in a later post.


Isn’t it glorious?

A sweet little butterfly garden donated by a friend in honor of the 100th foundation anniversary.

The next four photos are of the public chapel



Here some of the sisters pray in the nuns’ choir

The Sisters in the above photo were the first five to leave Pittsburgh to make a foundation. In 1926 they made the foundation in the diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Mother Mary Agnes (seen here at far right) was one of the five Sisters chosen from Scranton (now Clarks Summit) to then make the foundation of our monastery in the Owensboro diocese in 1946.

It just love this photo! Pictured are the foundresses who made the foundation in Japan.

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One thought on “Passionist Nuns 100 Years in USA Part II

  1. The blog photos and recent newsletters gave us a wonderful sense of the 100th year anniversary celebration–and the Passionist family! Is there an audio recording of Katie Sutton’s meditative harp playing? It might be excellent background music for a commercial or slide show–just like your community’s singing did for Sr. Rose Marie’s investiture!
    God love you all!

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