Clothed in a Sacramental

    A religious habit, because it is blessed, is a sacramental – an instrument of God’s grace to the one who wears it and to those who see the religious. Wow. What a privilege to wear this garment – to live a life worshiping, serving and loving the Lord in holy attire. (cf. 1 Chronicles 16:29)

Ane Kirstine in prayer before the Vestition ceremony…



Some moments from the Rite of Vestition



    “Ane Kirstine, what do you ask from us?”

    “Through the mercy of God, I desire to receive the holy habit, and to enter the novitiate, that I may follow Christ Crucified wholeheartedly in the Institute of the Religious of the Passion of Jesus Christ.”

    “Let us pray…Lord God, You give us the desire to hear and answer Your call. Listen favorably to the prayers of Your servant, Ane Kirstine, as she asks to join our community. Grant that our life in common may become a communion of love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.”


Don’t miss Mother Catherine Marie’s powerful exhortation given during the vestition ceremony.

Ane Kirstine receives the holy habit…


The newly vested novice enters chapel and stands in exultation,
wonder and adoration before the Tabernacle of the Most High –
her hoped-for Bridegroom.

“Take Lord, receive…give me only your love and your grace,
that’s enough for me,
your love and your grace are enough for me…”

The conferring of the new name and title
~ Sister Cecilia Maria of the Body of Christ ~

The reception of the Holy Rule & Constitutions ~
a cherished guide to holiness of life.

The Kiss of Peace


And there was great rejoicing!


Aspirant Liz, novice Sr. Cecilia Maria
and superior Mother Catherine Marie

Our current novitiate…
who will be the next valiant woman to join their ranks?  

 One happy novice!

The Daughters of the Passion, not only by their habit, but much more so in their heart, in their mind and and in their labors, should continually mourning for our Crucified Lord, and anoint His Most Holy Wounds by the continual exercise of every virtue, since this is the purpose of the Institute.

~ Saint Paul of the Cross


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28 thoughts on “Clothed in a Sacramental

  1. Sr., I assure you of my continued prayerful support as you seek to respond both faithfully and courageously to God’s call for your life. May God continue to bless you abundantly through your life. Fr. Catchlove

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  3. Praise the Lord!
    Beautiful news, beautiful to see. Thanks be to God for this JOY!
    Jesus bless you,

  4. Dear Sisters,
    Congratulations to Sister Cecelia Maria and all the sisters! I have been and will continue to pray for the new ones in your community, all the professed sisters, and for new vocations.

    Before, my only impression of Passionist nuns was that theirs must be a somber, difficult life of little happiness. How amazed I have been since seeing your website that you all are beautiful, happy, joyful women faithfully living your beautiful charism of remembering the passion of Jesus. I have tried to incorporate this beautiful spirituality in my life, too.

    May God bless you all. Pray for me and my family.
    Love, Diana

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  6. congratulations Sr. Cecilia Maria, may God continue to give you the fortitude to press on with your new vocation. Liz we are all praying for you, too!

    Oh, so good to hear from you – Liz’ family! I will certainly pass on your greetings. Special hello and thanks to Rosie (Liz’ mother) for the care package. We think of you and pray for you every day!

  7. Lovely! Now in six months we’ll all start harassing you desperately wanting news of Sister Rose Marie’s First Profession.

    We are insatiable, yes we are!

  8. Such beautiful pictures!!! The joy of this day can be seen in all your faces. What a blessing you all are to the Body of Christ.

    Congratulations Sr. Cecilia Maria as you continue your journey of love for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    To God Be The Glory!!!!

  9. Blessings on you all, Sisters, and especial blessings for Sr Cecilia Maria. They’re such lovely photos and capture the spirit of the occasion. It would be lovely to see a video sometime!

    Sr Therese COS Cam

  10. Thank you, Jesus. 🙂 Consider me refreshed. 🙂 Big smiles here. 🙂 Prayers for all…..including Liz!

    P.S. My son Jesse to be confirmed tomorrow. Thanks to all for your prayers.

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  12. Congratulations, Sister Cecilia Maria! The pictures are lovely. Thank you. I do have a question — why do the postulants not wear a veil for the investiture ceremony? I noticed the same thing with Sister Rose Marie’s ceremony. Thanks.

    It makes more visible the symbol of renouncing all earthly glory which is so passing for heavenly glory which endures for ever!

  13. Yay! Wonderful pictures! Sr. Cecilia Maria looks so luminous, and the habit seems like it fits her in “every” way! Thank you for the pictures, Sr. Webmistress! What a wonderful and joyful community you are!

  14. We all rejoice in your “yes” response to follow
    Jesus as His Bride. What a blessing for the
    whole church to have you live your life for Him
    who has called you to be His own. Your joy is
    beautiful to see– a beautiful Bride of Christ!

  15. I have a small question, if you don’t mind. Why are you restricting entry to USA citizens only?

    We have looked into the possibility of accepting women from other countries. We so wish we could do this! But it is quite a time-consuming process, dealing with immigration, etc. and one is never sure when permission to remain in the U.S. might be revoked. This is especially difficult to deal with in a small cloistered community.

  16. Tiding of gladness and joy, dear Sister Cecilia Maria! One happy novice makes for many happy hearts! How I rejoice with you now that you are “clothed in a sacramental” and have begun your blessed novitiate! I have been praying for you from your very beginnings with your dear sisters (God bless them one and all!), and I continue to hold you in my heart with love and gratitude. God bless you, dear Sister Cecilia Maria, and keep you happy in His wondrous love!

    Rejoicing with you in our Beloved Bridegroom,

    Alice Claire Mansfield
    Consecrated Virgin
    Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

  17. Congratulations to Sister Cecilia Marie and all of you beautiful Passionist Nuns! What a joyful time of celebration! (I’ll use those exclamation points too!!!) Thank you for posting these beautiful photos to share with us. Praise God for His calling and thanks to Sister Cecilia Marie for answering. What a wonderful witness of the beauty of religious vocation.

    God bless you all. We are so thankful for your community of love.

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