Veni Sponsa Christi – The Father Calls You

Come, Spouse of Christ! Veni, Sponsa Christi!

Ahhh…how does one write an article about such a profound event?! …Being set apart for the praise of God, being deputed to intercede on behalf of the Church and the world… Sr. Rose Marie’s Profession of Vows was such a mystical experience.

I shall let the photos tell the story…

The Rite of Religious Profession takes place during the Liturgy of the Word within the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. There are a number of stages within this Rite

  • The Call
  • The Examination
  • The Prayer for God’s Grace
  • The Profession of Vows
  • The Presentation of the Passionist Insignia
  • The Intercessions
  • The Presentation of Gifts


Profession of Vows:

To the honor of God, I, Sr. Rose Marie of the Merciful Heart of Jesus, firmly resolve to consecrate myself more intimately to Him, and to follow Christ more closely. In the presence of the community of this Monastery of St. Joseph, a part of the whole Institute of the Religious of the Passion of Jesus and a sign of the universal Church, and in your hands, Mother Catherine Marie, I vow to promote devotion to and grateful remembrance of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, and to express it in my style of life. I also vow chastity, poverty, obedience, and to live in enclosure, for three years, according to the Rule and Constitutions of the Religious of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

I promise to lead a life of love, together with you, my Sisters, “called within the Church to be a sign of the love of Jesus Crucified for the Father and for mankind.”

May the grace of the Holy Spirit, the intercession of the Sorrowful Virgin Mary and of St. Paul of the Cross, and your
charity, my Sisters, sustain my weakness, and strengthen me in what I have promised by vow.

Help your servant, Lord. With trust in the word of your Gospel, she has given you her faith.

The superior responds:
By the authority entrusted to me, I accept your vows in the name of the Church for the Institute of the Religious of the Passion of Jesus Christ. I commend you earnestly to God that you may fulfill your dedication which is linked with this Eucharistic Sacrifice.


Presentation of the Insignia of Passionist Profession:

The newly professed Passionist is now given:
–the black veil and a ring, both of which signify that she is truly the bride of Christ Crucified, united to Him by her holy vows.


The celebrant hands the black veil to the newly professed who is then clothed with it:
Celebrant: Receive this veil which proclaims that you belong entirely to Christ the Lord and are dedicated to the service of the Church.
Newly Professed: Amen.




As the celebrant gives her the Passion Sign, he says:
Celebrant: Receive, dear Sister, the Sign of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Place it as a seal on your heart, so that the Passion thus symbolized may be truly within your heart.
Newly Professed: Amen.


He then places the Passionist ring on her finger, saying:
Celebrant: Receive this ring, for you are betrothed to the eternal King. Keep faith with your Bridegroom, so that you may come to the wedding feast of eternal joy.
Newly Professed: Amen.


The newly professed receives the Profession Crucifix, the cross and the crown of thorns, all of which are symbolic expressions of her vocation to participate in the Passion of Christ and become one with Him in His love for the Father and for the Church.


Then the celebrant gives her the Profession Crucifix:
Celebrant: Receive, Sister, this Crucifix. May it recall to you the saving love of your Crucified Spouse, so that you may be faithful to what you have promised Him today.
Newly Professed: Amen.


Next, he gives her first the cross and then the crown of thorns:
Celebrant: Receive, Sister, the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the crown of thorns. May you follow Him in humility, obedience and self-denial.
Newly Professed: Amen.



The newly professed Passionist Nun, together with her community, sing the following:

Veni, Sponsa Christi
(Come, Spouse of Christ)

The love of the Father has set you apart, Veni Sponsa Christi!
The love of the Son now draws you to His Heart, Veni Sponsa Christi!
The love of the Spirit of God Most High, has called out to you
that eternal cry: Veni Sponsa Christi! Veni Sponsa Christi!

Arise, my love! My lovely one, come! Veni Sponsa Christi!
For see, the winter is past, and the rains are gone.
Veni Sponsa Christi!
The flowers now appear on the earth,
and the song of the dove is heard in our land.
Veni Sponsa Christi!

The Lord of lords holds your life in His embrace.
The King of kings fills your soul with His own grace.
Veni Sponsa Christi! Veni Sponsa Christi!
For the King now desires your beauty!
For the King now desires your love!
Veni, Veni, Veni;
Veni Sponsa Christi! Veni Sponsa Christi! Veni Sponsa Christi!

(Copyright Carmelite Sisters, D.C.J. 1988; Used by Permission;
Music by J.A.S.)



Presentation of the Gifts:

The Church herself, by her God-given authority, accepts the act of profession, and in her liturgy associates it with the Eucharistic Sacrifice of Christ. The grace of a total giving of self to God through the profession of the religious vows is first received by a person as a gift from God before being brought back to God as an offering. Sr. Rose Marie and her novice directress, Sr. Mary Veronica, together with Sister’s parents and brothers now carry the gifts to the altar.


Bishop William Medley, Bishop of our Diocese of Owensboro, KY, presided at the Mass. There were a number of other priests, religious and diocesan, as well as two seminarians and two transitional deacons. The deacon at right is Sr. John Mary’s brother Deacon Jeff Read of the Diocese of Evansville, IN.


Sign of Peace


Holy Communion


Canticle of Love

How great and tender is our God who has smiled on the lowly.
Eternally, my heart will sing a new canticle of love.
Come, all who hunger, all who thirst, all who long for fulfillment.
The God of mercy waits for you as a mother her child.
Oh come to the living water, fear not your weakness,
forever trusting in God’s merciful love.
Through the shadows of this night,
love will be my guiding light.
Presence hidden from my sight,
‘til the clouds are put to flight.

Beneath your gaze I’ve blossomed forth, as a rose in the sunshine.
With joyful heart I’ve given all to the mystery of love.
In peace I will come before you with empty hands,
relying solely on your merciful love.
Through the veil your face appears,
beauty shrouded, bathed in tears.
Bread of sinners I will share,
rose un-petalled everywhere.
Ah, my God, I will sing of your love
for this one eternal today,
for this one eternal today, eternal today….
Until in eternity we join in one chorus,
forever singing of God’s merciful love,
canticle of love, for today I will sing, sing of your love.

by Sr. Marie Therese Sokol, OCD
(St. Therese of the Child Jesus was also young when she entered religious life.
The following hymn using St. Therese’s words and spirit, is very fitting for a young Passionist Nun.)



Happy parents


Happy brothers


The reception for our guests following the Mass of Religious Profession


“Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I implore,
that I may ever love Thee more and more.”


Fr. Fred Sucher, CP – perhaps the most venerable of all our guests!


Sister greeted all the guests – here she is with two postulants of the Fathers of Mercy.

Well…I know I kept you waiting for this blog post; I hope this was worth the wait! 🙂

*** Special thanks to our dear friend Larena Lawson who took all these photos!

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23 thoughts on “Veni Sponsa Christi – The Father Calls You

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  2. I’m late to the party as far as commenting goes, but I’ve been thinking about and praying for all of you during the month of July. The pictures are beautiful! Congratulations, Sr. Rose Marie! 🙂

    Good to hear from you Liz! I will pass on those prayers and congratulations.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Just sitting here, reading this and looking at the pictures is so peaceful. I feel blessed. God bless all of you now and always. Congratulations Sr. Rose Marie!

    Aggie Wife & Mom

  4. Congratulations Sr. Rose Marie! I have 3 daughters…please pray one of them (or all of them) might be called to the religious life…may it be the will of our Lord, Amen!

    Blessings to you all from our family.

    The Reisingers

  5. The blog and the pictures are so beautiful that I cried. Praise God for those that are called to serve. I loved the beautiful happy faces of her family and the Mother Superior. What a wondrous day for our Church.

  6. Once again I am struck by the bravery of you sisters. I can imagine leaving the world and spending the rest of my life in one place in a cloister, but it would never be more than imagination. Sometimes people have said I was brave for moving across the country several times on my own, but that’s nothing compared to what you do.

  7. Many blessings Sister Rose Marie!

    Is it possible to get digital copies of these photos for St. Mary’s Catholic Center publications?

    We love to keep track of our Aggie nuns.

    Many, many blessings, and please pray for us!


  8. What a beautiful post ! Congratulations to Sister Rose-Marie. A beautiful day indeed…

    All my congratulations to her and my love to all the Nuns.

    Much love from your missionary brothers in Jamaica

    Msgr. Michael

  9. Beautiful. God bless you, Sister, and please pray for us.

    You better believe we pray for you all. We are “deputed” to pray for the world and with God’s grace we are faithful to this.

  10. Sister Rose Marie is radiant but Mother Catherine Marie’s face is priceless, like she is going to burst into tears of joy and pride because “her little girl” is so grown-up now. It must be extraordinarily moving for the older sisters when one of the young sisters begins taking her vows and moving along her path.

  11. It was by way of a message from the Anchoress that I was directed to your blog to see pictures of this ceremony. It has filled my heart with joy and I can only say THANK YOU for sharing this with us. Speaking for myself, and maybe others feel similarly, I desire to give God myself wholly to Him and to be His consecrated Bride. May He grant me the grace to desire what He wants to give me. He cloisters my heart as His own. In the passion of Jesus and love of the Holy Spirit.

    p.s. I plan to share this also with N. Shuman who wrote “The Cloistered Heart” of whom you are familiar. She will be blessed I know!

    Connie, so good to hear from you! Let us remain united in the cloister of our hearts.

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  13. How beautiful—the ceremony and Sister! Thank you for sharing this. I believe the first time I visited your blog was when Sister Rose Marie received her white veil. God bless all of you, Sisters, for your sacrifices on behalf of Christ’s Body, the Church.

  14. Blessings on you all, and on Sr Rose Marie most of all! I love the photos you have here – you can see the “inwardness” of the moment of profession, those wonderful promises that give us to God. May God continue to call us all closer always.

    Sr Therese COS Cam

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  16. Profound it truly was! The blog looks great. It’s nice to be able to read, step by step, the order of the Mass of Profession. I guess taking all those hundreds of pictures provided enough for you to be able to tell the story through pictures. God was indeed guiding my camera.

    Continued blessings to all of you,

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