Writer’s Block?

Well, greetings!Β  Did you think I forgot you? Yes, I guess I took a short vacation from blogging.

We are in the midst of a novena to St. Joseph. Since our monastery is dedicated to this great Guardian of the Redeemer we have a solemn novena to him each year.

Today was our community solitude afternoon and I spent it with Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Redemptoris Custos. What a beautiful reflection on the life and virtues of St. Joseph!

Each Sister is reveling in the spring weather. Every day we can see more buds opening and the grass is just beginning to green – although, we seem to have more wild onions than grass and the wild onions are the first to pop up!

These beauties are in bloom…

I think I have “writer’s block”. 😦

I would be interested in hearing what YOU are interested in seeing more of on this blog.Β  Any ideas?

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15 thoughts on “Writer’s Block?

  1. I think you do such a beautiful job with this blog– even though I’m not your target audience, I look at everything you put up. As for myself, though, I tend to read blogs for their personal dimension, so I am most interested in how you live out your life and your calling, even stories about things which seem trivial. I guess I’m also looking for a kind of “spirituality for the long haul”–I’d like to hear contributions from some of the older nuns, who have lived the life for many years, and also some explanation of how your Passionist spirituality forms your response to the world. So it’s not just pretty girls running around in medieval garb… not that I’m immune to the romance of that πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Sisters:
    I am a Pasionis lay social worker.
    I enjoy all your post, here en Central America there is not a Pasionist Nuns Monastery, this blog is the only way to know about your life style and it’s beautiful to see the pictures and read reflections or contemplative themes.
    All of that help me to pray.
    I hope read about how do you live your vows, especialy memoria passionis, how do you pray since Jesus crucified feelings. And what do you feel every day that make you stay in this mYstery.
    Thank you.

  3. Also, not just the stages in your lives, but what it’s like to make the transition from postulant to novice to …. The transition and figuring out your new “place” in the community has to be interesting, so any sister’s story would be interesting to read.

  4. Individual stories about various stages in your lives as nuns, from vocation stories to what it’s like to take your perpetual vows. Individual meditations on the life of any particular saint, for example, what does St. Joseph mean to one particular sister. And any story about your daily lives is always interesting.

    I think sometimes what it would be like to be a cloistered nun, not that I have any kind of vocation – I need too much noise around me – but I imagine sitting and praying for extended periods of time and I just can’t figure out how you do it. So anything explaining how you develop this skill would be most interesting and educational.

  5. I love all your posts because it is as if I were between you. Even if I leave in France, I feel very close to you because I visit your blog every day thinking “anything new at the Monastery?”.
    God bless you all dear Sisters

  6. Dear Sister:
    This blog is very beautiful and inspirational! “A picture is worth a
    thousand words” is very applicable. The pictures that you post
    share an extraordinary and blessed peek into the daily lives, charism
    and devotions of the Passionist nuns. Also, the pictures of the
    women who are discerning/and/or in formation to become a Passionist
    nun as well as the pictures of ALL the nuns at your monastery who
    have committed their lives to Christ is very powerful. In addition
    pictures give “writer’s block” a much needed rest! πŸ™‚
    Thank you so very much for doing this blog!

  7. It’s always nice to see how everyone is doing — the peak into your life is most appreciative.

    I hope all you Sisters are having a blessed Lent.

  8. I enjoy your blog very much! Thanks for writing it: I think it is a great witness.

    Everyone gets writer’s block once in a while. I’m sure your inspiration will return. Meanwhile, asking your readers for ideas seems like a really great idea to me.

    I enjoy and am edified by every entry, to be honest, but I’d love some more of the “nitty gritty” stuff. For instance, I know community living is an important emphasis of yours. How do you cope with the inevitable tensions that occur? Any tips for those of us struggling with co-workers, family members etc.

    I also like things like recipes. A few “nun blogs” that I follow occasionally include something they’ve dreamed up that is really delicious.

    I loved your feature on the new crech that you built out of paper mache’ for Advent. Any other ongoing craft projects or hobbies that the Sisters have?

    Thanks again–for asking and for persevering through what I hope turns out to be a brief period of writer’s block. You’re doing a wonderful, wonderful job on this blog.

    Jane O’Brien

    God bless you Jane. This is very helpful!

  9. Dear Sister:

    I agree with Lisa and Jenna more of what you write.

    What would be good and I would enjoy are pictures of the daily life of the Novitiate Sisters and young ladies in discernment as they visit you for the three months. What you did with Anne was really great! Normal ever day happenings would be great. Pictures of Sisters at recreation or funny happenings etc. This is a golden for PR on vocations.

    On another note, I went to Holy Family High School in Union City and passed St. Michael Monastery every day.!!!!!!!! Everything has changed so much in that area. That was many, many years ago. I now live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    Best wishes,

    St. Michael Monastery (Passionist Fathers and Brothers) in Union City, NJ

  10. Everything that is posted is enjoyed. Would like a heads up when new Scripture Sharings are posted in Novitiate Corner.

    I also would be happy with more. Pictures are great!

  11. I enjoy the photos of the grounds of the monastery. I often think how peaceful it would be to stroll through the woods and contemplate. It is also encouraging to know that somewhere the grass is green (i live above the arctic circle and was just contemplating going out to shovel, but the temperature is -29 C.).

    Your lives are so busy and on our behalf, we thank you and pray for you.

    WOW… You live ABOVE the arctic circle? Will try to show you the grass is green here – that is, once the crab grass turns green again!

  12. Maybe this sounds silly but I am always interested in learning about how the different generations in monasteries get comfortable with each other. It seems like so many monasteries are missing the baby-boomer generation (or have very few of them) so the communities have a big disparity in ages. How is that managed? What do different generations learn from each other and how to does love grow there?

  13. The Sister’s favorite saints or how they pick their religious names are always fun things to hear! I’m always interested in how community life is for you all and how it changes as you go through your lives together as sisters and brides of Christ. πŸ™‚ God bless! Praying for you all!

  14. I always enjoy everything you have to offer here. How about just “more” of it? πŸ™‚

    Pictures of daily life…and the flora and fauna, would be great.

    History is great!

    Passionist spirituality is great!

    You have it all. I would just be happy with more. πŸ™‚

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