Recent Happenings at the Monastery

“Where is everyone?” That was my thought Saturday morning when I came into chapel and saw that we had no guests for Mass, which is unusual. As I sat there praying and preparing to enter into the “Holy of holies” a number of people came in to chapel all at once.

During the announcements after the noon meal Sr. Mary Agnes explained to us what had happened. She had gotten a call before Mass stating that the gates were not open and there was a line of cars waiting to get through!

She drove down and discovered that the gate hinges had actually broken!  You can see here that the gate is being held to the post by a chain.  Our faithful grounds-keeper came over and with the tractor managed to move the gate so that our guests could come on in.


On my walk down to take the photo of the gate I came upon the goose nest and it was empty…that could only mean one thing…the goslings were hatched and sure enough I snapped a photo of them here with mom and dad.


Last week Anne and Chuck Hagan graciously delivered and spread some good “barn yard dirt” in the garden. God bless you!


And Dave and Carol Niehaus (Sr. Mary Andrea’s parents) spent a day cutting down trees to provide more sunlight on the veggie garden. May God reward you for your labor!  Here a couple Sisters load up some of the cut wood.


Today we had the great excitement of a shipment of compost arrive!  Good and rich compost – a whole dump truck full! Thank you Lord! and Jane & Tim Wynn! (Sr. Cecilia Maria’s parents)

Wow…who is going to spread all that?


Who said monastery life was dull? Everyone has monotonous days but each moment of monotony is filled with graces that will not be given again.  May each of us respond to the Lord’s love and grace each moment of our days!

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7 thoughts on “Recent Happenings at the Monastery

  1. Hope you get lots of good yummy veggies from that compost. What beautiful grounds you have there.
    Warmest regards to Sr. Cecilia Maria from your aunt and grandma.

  2. If you ever need a pony to hitch up to a plough I have a good Welsh one for you, just ask Anne. Ponie’s practically live on air and Welsh ponies are particularly hardy in all elements :).

  3. The gate story is hilarious! And the little goslings are adorable! With the barnyard dirt and compost combination, the asparagus should be screaming with joy below the soil.

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