A Wonderful Gift During Pentecost Novena!

Come Holy Spirit!

What a sacred time these days are. With the Church we are with our Lady in spirit, awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit this Sunday, the great Solemnity of Pentecost!

This past Saturday brought us the return of  Anne…

Here she is seen with her delightful parents after a nice visit with the Sisters in the parlor.

During 2nd Vespers of the Ascension of our Lord Anne received her postulant crucifix.

Mother Catherine Marie gave a very inspiring fervorino, encouraging Anne and all of us to be docile to the formation of the Holy Spirit in our lives. She stated that our novena prayer, which we are praying together each evening as a community, is a great prayer for a young woman beginning her formation.

So, I will say my adieu with this prayer…

Come, Holy Spirit, You who transformed the souls of the apostles on that first Pentecost. Come by your power, purify my heart from all harmful attachments, enlighten it by your truth, strengthen it to choose what the Father wills. Complete your work of sanctification in my soul, and in the souls of these for whom I now pray, especially….

Come Spirit of Divine Love, give me an increase of your grace and gifts that assure me of your presence in my soul. Give me an awareness of the divine indwelling, a realization of how much the Father loves me; and transform my soul – and those for whom I now pray – into the likeness of Jesus.

O Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mediatrix of all Grace, since every grace that the Holy Spirit infuses into my soul comes from the Father and Son through you, beseech your Divine Son to grant the favors I ask in this Novena.

Veni Sancte Spiritus, Veni per Miriam!

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10 thoughts on “A Wonderful Gift During Pentecost Novena!

  1. Thank you sister and you also . I am sending a letter today with photos and a check in honor of Anne’s entry.

  2. My daughter finally graduated HS last week and we were sad that Anne could not be there, since she has prayed ( and I am sure continues to ) so much for my Tiffany. Anne has been constantly on my mind and in my prayers as she entered but I could not bring myself to look at the blog until now. We miss her presence here but I have to say Anne looks positively radiant, more than I think I have ever seen her so. The photos brought me tears and I love the outfit too.

  3. Congratulations to Anne on her entrance into the postulancy! What a neat thing to happen on Pentecost Sunday!

    Seeing her happiness makes me regret that I’m considered ‘too old’ for religious life (I’m on the ‘other side’ of 55).

  4. My congratulations and best wishes to Anne on her entrance into religious life, as well as her parents, and the Sisters!

    The joy of Christ just radiates from Anne. Each of the pics are so evident of many feelings and so so moving!!!!

    Hope we get a chance to see more pictures of Anne as she grows in the spirit of your community.

    Thank you for sharing them with us.


  5. So beautiful! Thank you for the pictures. And I know this sounds dumb to focus on, but I love your postulant habit. It looks so much more pulled together than the usual shapeless blue jumpers or horrid skirt/vest things. I know, I’m worldly. This is why I am not a nun. But if I were young again, and if I were called, I think your community would be like heaven on earth. And not just because I like the jumper!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. The photos of Anne entering the enclosure, with the Sisters there to welcome her, actually brought a few happy tears to my eyes. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing such sacred, joyful moments.

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