A Conflagration of Love

The foliage this year has been truly breath-taking. As one Sister pointed out, it is as if the trees are on fire. They are saying to us: Love God! Love Him with ALL your heart, soul, mind and strength! 

These photos were taken on different days and at different times. You really get a gorgeous display of these holy grounds. May God be loved and praised!

Enjoy your tour!

A slight tip of the camera brought the same image below
with a different filter of light.


A small statue of our Lady sits atop a shelf attached to an old harrow (at least that is what we think it is!) that some farmer leaned against this tree many decades ago. The tree has completely grown around the top of it!


This is our crucifix at the front of our drive that greets
all passersby…saying, “My people, what have I done to you…
answer me…give me your love in return for my love…”


Stations of the Cross trail below our parking lot.


I would like to tell you some important things, but a person who does not love, does not know how to speak about love. The language required is learned only from love. Listen to the divine Lover and let him teach it to you.

– St. Paul of the Cross

I want to be burnt to ashes for love…I want to be all on fire with love, more and more. I want to know how to sing int he furnace of love and to magnify the great mercies which uncreated Love grants to your soul.

– St. Paul of the Cross

St. Paul writes to one of his spiritual daughters:

Truly, you dine at table while your poor father is dying of hunger. A fine thing!

(meaning his prayer is very dry and he feels very far from God – we too must be saints and persevere in prayer in the midst of dryness and spiritual aridity!)

The daughter banquets while her poor father has only a piece of hard, black bread, with nothing to drink. Remember, too that I am so parched that rivers could not quench my thirst. I must swallow the seas if that is to happen. But note that they are seas of fire that I want to drink, seas of love. Tell this to your divine Bridegroom. Stay with him, praying day and night…

How I wish that we were so aflame with love that all who came near us would catch fire. Not only our neighbors but total strangers, all tribes and tongues and nations, in a word, all creatures, so that all would know and love the supreme Good.

– St. Paul of the Cross


Our front entrance, to the left is the Chapel,
to the right is the monastery and guest house.

O Holy Mary, intercede for us to be set on fire
with love for God as you were!


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13 thoughts on “A Conflagration of Love

  1. What magnificant pictures!!! You may consider printing them to make beautiful note cards to sell in your gift shop! Picture notecards of your monastery would make wonderful gifts and also help to spread the word of your beautiful vocation.

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  3. Dear Sisters, please continue to pray. I. just heard that the fire department is at my house. We. Remain evacuated with friends in a safe location as the hurricane has arrived here on Long Island. I told them all about your Order during dinner. Please pray for the firefighters too. Thank you. Mary Ann

    Lord have mercy!

  4. Dear Sisters, These photographs are so inspirational. Each and every one of them reflects the true beauty of God, but of course you know that. They are especially comforting as we have been evacuated (due to Hurricane Sandy) and are staying with dear friends from Church. I am enjoying the pictures as we wait for the hurricane to arrive. Thank you for this marvelous blog , I am a huge fan!

  5. Beautiful pictures. As pretty as Hyde Park. We thought of you at Winchester Cathedral.

    So good to hear from you as you gallivant around Europe! Thank you for “thinking of us”.

  6. “Yes, those blessed bells are God’s call to us to fulfill our observances – to rise, to prayer, to Liturgy, to silence…to LOVE.”

    That moved me very much. I am bell illiterate because of my Bipolar Disorder. You are blessed indeed, to be able to respond to the bell, and I know that when you do that, you are doing it for me and for all of us. Offering my sufferings for you is such a joy because I know you put them to such good use. Thank you.

  7. The trees are so beautiful!! St. Paul has such a wonderful way with words. Thanks for giving me my Passionist inspiration of the day! 🙂

  8. Beautiful pictures, sisters. Do you use that bell to call for prayer?

    Yes, those blessed bells are God’s call to us to fulfill our observances – to rise, to prayer, to Liturgy, to silence…to LOVE.

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