Christmas in our Passionist Monastery

“Can we keep the Christmas tree up a bit longer…?  Perhaps we can put it on wheels and bring it out at certain times of the year…”


So went the conversation last night during our evening recreation. We LOVE the Christmas Season!  We hate to see it end.

Below are some snapshots of our Christmas-Epiphanytide…


Singing Christmas Carols and wearing those zany hats loaned by our sweet Oblate Veda!



One Sister enjoys Christmas music on a subdued Sunday afternoon while working on a Jane Wooster Scott puzzle – a snow scene of course!


Blessed be God this year we have Epiphanytide – that week between Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord in which to continue to partake of the rich liturgical readings and hymns.


And to continue to make many visits to the holy crib…to meditate on the Word made Flesh – the whole “reason for the season”. We have several nativity scenes throughout the monastery. Today we took this one down…until next year!


We also enjoyed a visit with some of our seminarians of the Diocese of Owensboro, KY


My…them Texan boys sure know how to make a snowman…out of 1/2 inch of snow fall! Sr. Rose Marie’s brothers had to run those balls of snow up and down the hill many times to pack in that much snow!
There are those zany hats again…


The nativity scene in our library…a beautiful gift from
another of our Passionist Oblates!
Nice photo from Sr. Rose Marie’s dad!


Our Lord Jesus Christ…truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. How full of wonderment we have been as we revisit His great love for us in assuming flesh and becoming a little child and then remaining with us in the
Sacrament of His Holy Love!

O Sacrament Most Holy
O Sacrament Divine
All praise, all thanksgiving
be every moment Thine


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6 thoughts on “Christmas in our Passionist Monastery

  1. Our dear deceased Passionist Oblate Judy Roby had no idea how much joy and laughter her “Christmas Hat Tradition” would bring to people. I’m positive she would have never believed that her precious Passionist Nun Sisters would wear them one day. Your the best!!!

    How we LOVE Judy! May she pray for us!

  2. Though I don’t usually get so snooty with my terms, I really like that juxtaposition of the monstrance with the Christmas tree. That would make a great Christmas card!

  3. Sisters,

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. May God shower you with many blessings this year!

    Love in Christ,


    Thank you Candice! The Lord bless you.

  4. Love makes the world go ’round but hats make it more fun!

    We got about a half-inch of snow here in Grayson County, too, but no snowman for us. I’m glad you posted this picture! Since the ice storm, I’m more grateful for just about any weather that is not an ice storm.

    The Passion of Christ is in our hearts, and so are all of you. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Yes, hats make it more fun! Good insight. 🙂

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