Soon to be a Bride of Christ!

Ahhh…I have wanted to post all week but we have been busy little nuns getting ready for the divine espousals of the King of kings to his little handmaiden on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord – February 2nd (tomorrow!). What exactly does all this mean?  Well, after 3 years of monastic formation (1 year as a postulant, 2 years as a novice) Sister will make her First Profession of Vows during Holy Mass on Saturday. These are the 5 vows Passionist Nuns make: To Promote Devotion to and Grateful Remembrance of the Passion of Jesus, Chastity, Poverty, Obedience and Enclosure.

Although it is 6 years before Sister will make her profession of vows perpetual her first profession of vows must be made from a heart that is giving her entire self as gift forever.

As I mentioned above we have been busy preparing for the wedding day. Invitations to her family and friends, preparing for the reception, decorations, music practice, many details of the sacred liturgy, contact with the Bishop who will preside, arranging servers, etc.

The Lord has also seen fit to give us opportunities for “offering it up”. Imagine flashing lights, horns and the MOST painful whistle you’ve ever heard. That was the communal penance the Lord gave us the other night when the fire alarm system went off at 1:40 a.m. No fire – thank God! But a smoke detector needed to be changed. Ahh…the blessed life of “modern conveniences…”

Sister Cecilia Maria has also been busy making new black veils, writing “thank you” notes and preparing her new cell that will be in the area where the professed sisters dwell. It is always bittersweet to move out of the novitiate (where a young woman lives during those initial years of formation) – moving from the comforting surroundings of where one’s Passionist vocation was born and nurtured to maturing in Passionist life and getting to join her “older sisters” but it is worth it!

Sister is someone who has spent her life moving, in her early years as an “army brat”, as she puts it, and then during her undergraduate and grad school years.  As she was putting her books on her shelf she made the remark, “It is so nice being a nun, you don’t have much to move.”


Please keep Sister, her dear family and friends and all of us in your prayers as we celebrate this glorious moment in the Church – another young woman giving the total gift of self to God and His people.

I hope to have photos of the celebration and a beautiful meditation written by Sister posted this coming week…Notice, I wrote that I “hope” to do so…time will tell.

Come Divine Bridegroom to your Temple, you who are the light to the nations and the glory of your people Israel!

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5 thoughts on “Soon to be a Bride of Christ!

  1. I am only 20 minutes away, after a 12 hour solo journey yestesrday from Bellingham to Owensboro.
    I am counting the minutes until I come to witness Sister Cecilia Maria’s marriage to Christ!
    I have my camera, and I and “hope” to help capture this precious Passionist moment to share with the world!

  2. Congratulations Sr. Cecilia Maria! We can’t wait to see you in your black veil! We know Sr. Blogger will get that photo up as soon as she can! 🙂

    Here, 1st professed wait 2 more years before moving over to the professed! It used to be that one had to wait until after Solemn Profession!

  3. Sr. Cecilia Maria,

    You are in my prayers tomorrow as you take this next step with whole heart in your journey with your bridegroom. Many blessings for a glorious day tomorrow!

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