Are You Listening?


Hmmm…is our Lord calling YOU to embrace a life of total consecration to himself through religious life or priesthood?

Here is a great new resource to help you grow in those listening skills so that you CAN respond generously and quickly to the Lord’s promptings.

This Vocational Download of the Month Club from the Institute on Religious Life provides an audio download every month for an entire year. This is for men and women 18 -35 years old who are serious about discerning a vocation to priesthood and religious life. Periodic emails will also provide helpful discernment resources as well as notices of special vocation events.

I hope you will subscribe!


 Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening…

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One thought on “Are You Listening?

  1. Grab this opportunity young people! Do not be like so many of my generation, those who were children during the 1960s-80s, who regret not responding to the call but got lost in the world. We were the lost generation who let the many Orders now have an age gap, so go! Pray and visit religious orders, revitalize them with the Lord’s love that lives within you yearning to be shared fully with others.

    Seek the Lord’s call for direction and respond, then you can follow your joy knowing it is God’s plan for you. No matter if you end up called to a religious life, marriage, or single life you will live peacefully knowing that God and you spent some quality time journeying this gift.

    Dear Marie, thank you for this very poignant message. You don’t know how many women from whom I hear these same words. Thank you for seeking the Lord now and making known the beauty of a life consecrated to God. – Sponsa Christi

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