The Wood Pile That Kept Growing

We have had a wonderful feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – much time spent with our Sacramental Lord contemplating his infinite love for the Father and for mankind and how this love impelled him to give the complete gift of Self on the cross – to become a holocaust of fiery love for our salvation – of which his physical heart is a natural symbol.

We too had quite a fire here earlier this week.


This is a picture of our brush pile that has gradually grown over the years, especially due to the clean up after the Big Bad ICE STORM of 2009. Our wonderful volunteer fire fighters came to our rescue when we showed them how large the pile was and that it was way too big for us nuns to burn.


Here the fire is just beginning.  One Sister knew the fire had begun not because she smelt the smoke but because she heard the deer snorting – there must have been some upset wild-life that evening.


A couple of sisters went up into the bell tower hoping to get a good view of the fire…


But they miscalculated the layout of the buildings and all they saw was smoke. I’ll share with you another time the photos of the grounds taken from up there.


Sisters making their way to the fire.


Great fire fightin’ friends pictured above and below


A little too close for comfort?  Not only the heat but also the ticks were making a great exodus.




This nest of turkey eggs was several yards from the fire. They weren’t harmed but mamma was a bit upset.


I never saw nuns so happy about a fire…

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4 thoughts on “The Wood Pile That Kept Growing

  1. Wow, you kind of freaked me out for a minute. My San Diego conditioning has a hard time imagining something not awful happening when words like ‘fire’ and ‘large brush pile’ occur near each other. I love the pictures though, it looked pretty exciting!

    Happy Birthday Ruth! – Sponsa Christi

  2. The ice storm was a very Passionist thing for Kentucky, I must say. It was a learning experience in humility and sacrifice.

  3. It is good you did not have to call 911 for the fire! I agree with Lisa, a couple of goats and a few sheep would be nice. I saw lots of baby sheep when I drove to Lynden yesterday. The Nun Lineup picture was great, but it would have been super classy if you has lined up according to height … next time! Looking forward to little turkey pictures soon. Wish I had experienced the ice storm.

  4. Wow! Well, I see a lot of those pieces are quite big, but if you get a couple of goats, they will eat brush, including large saplings. We plan to get a couple of goats as soon as we can. We have a lot in the back that gets overgrown…plus Bethany is so St. Francis-y.

    Thanks for sharing! Like you, I will NEVER forget that ice storm.

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