A Monastery Garden Tour

Oh where has the time gone…I started this blog post July 1!  Pitiful isn’t it???

I have some photos to share with you.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of beauty here in our cloister solitude. We are soaking in the rains the Lord has generously sent to water the earth making it fertile and fruitful…


Sisters are busy mowing the grass


the yellow and zucchini squash plants love all this rain!


Here is what is left of the brush pile. It needs to be pushed together and burned again.


These little rabbits are practically tame – we can barely scare them out of the flower beds. They even jump into the flower pots of impatiens, drag the plant out and take it to a safe place to eat for lunch!




Monastery front entrance

plaza blog

Plaza for guests and retreatants


Home to many generations of blue birds


In the midst of our clay soil woes we are blessed with an abundance of sandstone…very pretty. In the winter months one can climb the creek beds and “harvest” all kinds of beautiful rock. Of course, one can harvest rocks at any time of the year but I like to avoid close encounters with snakes, ticks, spiders and poison ivy.  This year Christie expanded her flower garden.


 Sr. John Mary created a small rock garden by the trellis.  One advantage of a rock garden is that rocks don’t need to be watered!


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4 thoughts on “A Monastery Garden Tour

  1. Dear Sisters! Thank you for the pictures. I can see that summer is in full swing. The vegetable garden looks great and nice and green as does everything. It takes lots of hard work for sure.
    Glad you had time to post as I know in summer it is hard to sit down to desk work and write!
    Love, Jane

  2. Beautiful! I take back what I said about goats. Goats would consider that a buffet.

    I love Kentucky. So. Much. It’s even better knowing that the Passionist Nuns are here. Thanks be to God.

    If you need extra bunnies, we have ten baby ones. 🙂

  3. What beauty! Thank you for the tour of your grounds. It took me back to my Midwest roots where there were, as you point out, abundant rains and lovely gardens. I now live in a desert-like climate with a different type of vegetation that is less reliant on rain.

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