Sr. Rose Marie Renews Her Passionist Vows

Today is the Passionist Feast of The Most Precious Blood of Jesus. Traditionally the entire month of June in the Catholic Church is dedicated to remembering this Precious Blood of a God-Man shed out of radical, unfathomable love for mankind.  Out of love for this great Bridegroom Sister Rose Marie renewed her temporary vows during Mass this morning for another 3 years. Blessed be God!


Here sister holds an image of Sorrowful Mother she created for
Mother Catherine Marie for her Feast Day earlier this year.

Last evening Mother Catherine Marie shared these words of wisdom with sister and all of us in anticipation of sister’s vow renewal.

Dear Sr. Rose Marie,

In this critical time for the Church and the world, when much prayer, reparation, and sacrificial love is so needed, how Our Lord’s Merciful Heart must be rejoicing as He sees you ready and willing to renew your Passionist profession for 3 more years! You are doing it now with three more years of lived experience and insight into the precious gift that you are called to offer your Crucified Bridegroom. And you are also more deeply aware of the precious and total gift of self He is making to you. He who lives always in the state of a perfect gift of self, in the state of a total outpouring of His life and love, will never abandon you. His love is faithful and true. His spousal love for you is the great rock you can always lean on. His wounded Heart is for you always the refuge and fortress you can flee to and rest in.

As we listen to the story of the Sacred Heart’s love for St. Faustina, it is important to remember that this same kind of daily, loving intimacy with Jesus is truly what we are called to. The Church wants us always to be in pursuit of perfect charity, perfect love—always desiring to love Jesus more and to be His bride and helpmate in saving souls.

You who bear the name of one of Mary’s beautiful titles, Rosa Mystica, Sr. Rose Marie – may you truly be a fragrant mystical rose whose self-emptying love, whose humble surrender to His unfolding plan, and whose steadfast fidelity in standing close to Our Mother of Sorrows as a valiant woman beneath the cross – yes may all of this be a holy fragrance, a mystical scent that fills the whole house of the Church and draws souls to the Merciful Heart of Christ.

We love you, Sister, and are happy to see your response to the call of your Crucified Spouse. May your love be an immense comfort to Him and repair for the coldness and indifference and even hatred and contempt with which countless souls turn their backs on all that He did and suffered for them.

Hide also in Mary’s Heart, and beg her to keep you faithful until death, and tomorrow may you also beg your Divine Spouse to send us many more young and generous-hearted women to serve God and the Church as Passionist Nuns!

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8 thoughts on “Sr. Rose Marie Renews Her Passionist Vows

  1. What a beautiful new blog site this is…and very fast to upload!!!! Thank you to Sister Cecilia Maria’s mother aka NunMother and Sponsa Christi!!!
    Wonderful news about Sister Rose Marie renewing her Passionist vows!!!
    I agree with Jane that Mother Catherine Marie gave very beautiful words during Sister;s vow renewal.

    • Yay! We are all very happy about the quick upload AND that it has a nice view on iPads and phones! – Sponsa Christi

  2. Parabéns, Ir. Rose!

    Também tive a graça de renovar os meus Santos Votos, ontem. Que Deus lhe dê a Santa Perseverança! Aqui no Brasil, renovamos todos os anos… até o sexto.
    Prefiro o blog das senhoras desta forma, onde já vemos todo o conteúdo! Parabéns!
    Sempre unidas na vivência do mesmo carisma!
    Ir. Luzia Daniela da Trindade – Mosteiro Santa Gema – Brasil

    • Dear Sister Luzia Daniela – you forgot to write in English and not in Portuguese! But we appreciate your visit and comment. – Sponsa Christi

  3. Many blessings to you, Sr. Rose Marie…and all of the nuns! It was precious to see the holy profession ring on your middle finger (in
    light of its disappearance during yard work!). Also, I couldn’t find–
    on the website–how many years are spent in temporary vows!
    May Jesus hold you close to his Sacred Heart!

    • Dear Christine, thanks for the lovely comment. A sister is in temporary vows for 6 years. Thank you for your prayers!
      – Sponsa Christi

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