Fourth of July in the Monastery

Well it is a Sunday night and we just finished chanting Night Prayer.  I thought I’d share with you some photos of our Fourth of July Weekend.

We kept Friday as our usual morning of prayer and day of fasting with special emphasis of praying for our nation.


Mother Catherine Marie posted this image in the cloister just before our chapel entrance.  The Divine Mercy is extending his rays of Merciful Love upon our nation.

Saturday brought us a Gaudeamus Day – day of rejoicing – a day of special sisterly fellowship and good food!


At dinner we had a healthy fruit pizza for dessert. The crust was made of whole wheat flour, oatmeal, applesauce, brown sugar and walnuts. White sauce was made of Greek Yogurt with peanut butter and honey – mmm delicious!


In the afternoon some sisters made us 3 types of mint smoothies with a variety of fruits!

smoothies2blog2014 smoothies3blog2014

This one is made with mulberries from our mulberry tree!


In the evening we had s’mores and ice cream while sitting outdoors and enjoying the unusually cool weather.

smores3blog2014 smores2blog2014 smores4blog2014

In the above photo you can see our two grills behind Sr. Mary Agnes upon which we cooked our hamburgers, sausage and hotdogs for dinner.

smores5blog2014 smores7blog2014

Here Sr. Rose Marie entertains the sisters with a story of her early camping days. Her mom had a flaming marshmallow over an open fire and was waving it on a stick to put out the fire. The marshmallow flew off and – still flaming – hit Sr. Rose Marie smack on the forehead!  She was 8 years old at the time.  Quite funny now although I’m not so sure she laughed when it happened!


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3 thoughts on “Fourth of July in the Monastery

  1. Those smoothies look scrumptious and refreshing! Wish I had some mulberries. It looks like you had a very nice July 4th gathering. My best to all.

  2. Looks like a fun time for all of you. I see that someone is in a wheelchair. We will be praying for her quick healing. I know she had hurt herself shortly before our visit.

    • Thanks for your prayers. She was working in the flower garden and a wheelbarrow full of clay fell over on her leg! Ouch – she is getting better. – Sponsa Christi

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