A Nun Run, Spiders and Trees…

I loved the Rosary Walk but maybe don’t walk in the woods because of spiders!

🙂 Thus wrote one Nun Runner in her evaluation of her time here the past couple days. That’s right, we had a great group of gals with us who arrived Monday evening and just left this morning to make their way to the St. Cecilia Dominican Sisters in Nashville, TN (a.k.a, the Nashville Dominicans).

As we were walking along “Mary’s Way” trail praying the rosary an orange spider was crawling on Sr. John Mary’s veil and also another spider was on Sr. Cecilia Maria’s back (this one included a nice-sized egg-sack!) but these gals, being inexperienced around nuns, thought it better to let the spiders crawl than to disturb the nuns during the rosary…sooo that made for a good laugh upon our return.


Nun Run from Chardon, Ohio

Speaking of woods, when we made the Stations of the Cross we found that a large limb had fallen right in front of the VI Station.  Thankfully it didn’t cause any damage.  They encountered 3 bad storms as they drove here Monday. We only had one storm but with the 60 mph gusts it brought down a lot of limbs.




We are getting ready for another Gaudeamus day tomorrow!  This one in honor of our Golden Jubilarian, Sr. Mary Dolores.  More photos and a walk down memory lane will be forthcoming.

God bless!

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2 thoughts on “A Nun Run, Spiders and Trees…

  1. Dear Sister,

    “Chardin” is Chardon, Ohio. We bear no resemblance to Teilhard de…..

    God be with you.
    An Ohioan

    • Dear Jeannette – thank you for telling me the correct spelling. God be with you dear Ohioan! – Sponsa Christi

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