Passionist Redeemer Radio – WJOR

I have some exciting news! We are the official sponsors of a Catholic radio station!!! This idea was first presented to us last year by the pastor of St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church in Whitesville, Fr. Jerry Baker, and a local internal medicine doctor. A well-established Catholic non-profit group was needed to make the application and so they asked us!


Ed Thompson helped us with our initial recording and donated a recorder. God bless you Ed! See how Mother Catherine Marie’s rosary is pulled up. We did this to make sure the jingle of our rosaries would not be heard as we recorded our chant.

We have Catholic radio in Owensboro but about a couple miles from here one gets patchy reception. This low power radio station is broadcasting Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) Catholic radio to the Whitesville-Fordsville, Kentucky area—a radius of about 20 miles.  God’s hand has been visible throughout the entire project. Although we were told that permission from the FCC might not come through for a year or more, ours was granted in three months.

The transmission tower and other equipment is located at St. Mary of the Woods parish in Whitesville, while Fr. Baker and Dr. Matt have been soliciting the donors to pay for everything.  They set up a board of directors for us. The station’s call sign and number is 93.1 WJOR.  WJOR stands for Jesus Our Redeemer Radio.  We are happy to have been able to obtain a very Passionist call sign!


Please pray that this effort to dispel the darkness of error by the splendor of God’s love, mercy and truth throughout this area will be another way that the precious graces of the Passion and Death of Jesus bear abundant spiritual fruit in the hearts and lives of our people.  As time goes on, we will record some of our chant, especially our Compline (Night Prayer), also short excerpts of the lives of our Passionist saints and marytrys. Recently we recorded some Passionist prayers which are used as fillers between EWTN programming.  Please join us in praying that this endeavor will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God!

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3 thoughts on “Passionist Redeemer Radio – WJOR

  1. If you are interested… FYI – WJOR was a licensed AM (sunrise, to sunset) Radio station located in South Haven, Michigan in 1978. I had my first job in radio there at the age of 18. License owner (at that time) was Walter Isbert who was the acting General Manager, as well.

  2. WJOR sounds fabulous! I hope there is a way its broadcast can be heard in the Northwest by some computer magic! I will be listening!

  3. Wonderful news!!! Also, you may want to consider making a CD of your prayers, the excerpts of the lives of the Passionist saints and martyrs (described above), and chants to sell in the Passionist gift shop. This is very exciting!!!

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