A Visit by Eva the Little Orphan Lamb

This evening we will have the joy of welcoming our former aspirant Nora and her family to the monastery. Tomorrow Nora will enter the postulancy – blessed be God!

I have yet to share the photos of Eva the Lamb’s visit and thought that since Nora is present in the photos and is still an aspirant I better get these posted before they are REALLY outdated. Enjoy!

Meet Eva the little orphan lamb

Meet Eva the little orphan lamb

Eva is curious

Eva is curious

Eva brings joy

Eva evokes joy

Eva likes attention

Eva is cute

Eva is cute

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7 thoughts on “A Visit by Eva the Little Orphan Lamb

  1. I like your new postulant – may she be blest with the gift of perseverance.
    However your new post’ewe’lant is way cuter !!!

  2. Dear sisters, so happy for you while you have a new postulant. Please, please, pictures of Nora’ entrance day!
    Many blessings from France

    • God-willing pictures will be up in a few days! We are receiving LOTS of donated fruits and veggies, veggies, veggies so the produce has priority right now. 🙂

  3. God Bless Nora as she enters her next step in religious life, I will pray for her perseverance. Little Eva is sooooo cute!!!!!! She has my mother’s name.

    • Eva was found by the sons of our groundskeeper. They found the owner and were given permission to keep her! She is cute.

      • Lucky little Eva — she has a new home and she got to make new friends with all you Sisters!

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