Thanks Anchoress


Our dear friend, the Anchoress, over at Patheos is giving our monastic community some good publicity.

On the feast of St. Therese she gave the English-speaking world this marvelous post: Nun News: Autumn Vocation Roundup 2014 about many religious communities of women who are flourishing!

Today on the Feast of the Holy Angels, the Anchoress brought us Sure We Need Nuns But Not My Daughter by Nora’s father Matt Wenke. You gotta read this!

God bless!


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2 thoughts on “Thanks Anchoress

  1. You guys have been such an inspiration to me! I’ve been thinking about being a nun since 4th grade and am now 26 years old. I studied fine art in college for a year but quit because I was thinking about becoming a nun. NI may be ready to take the next step. I contacted my local vocations person to get started and feel both fear and excitement at the prospect of becoming a nun. I’ve been living with my father since I was 18 and have held various part-time jobs along with studying different religions and things like that. I LOVE reading your blog and your Monastry just looks like heaven to me: soooooo beautiful!

    Thank you for your time!

    • Dear Violetmarie, Wow…thank you for sharing this inspiring testimony. May the Lord bless your journey of discernment. Write again if you are interested in learning more about Passionist life!
      – Sponsa Christi

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