Monastery Mushrooms

Mushrooms, anyone??

With all the rain that God blessed us with this past summer, we had a chance to make use of the new book about mushrooms that we recently received from Nora’s family.


I thought you all might like to see photos of some of them, especially this really huge one growing near our front entrance.

Mushroom: Hen of the Woods

Hen of the Woods Mushroom

Perhaps these mushrooms are similar to some that our Holy Founder, St Paul of the Cross, might have seen as he preached to the Italians in the swamp lands where many other priests would not go for fear of diseases.

Red Wine Milkcap Mushroom

Red Wine Milkcap Mushroom

commander Mushroom

Commander Mushroom

Caesar's Mushroom

Caesar Mushroom

Birds Nest Fungus - we have a lot of this in our mulch

Birds Nest Fungus – we have a lot of this in our mulch

Our 2 postulants have been making a book of their own, a collection of various plants on our property.




Mystery Mushroom

Mystery Mushroom

Can one of you guess what kind of mushroom this is? We could not find it in the field guide book.

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