Contemplative Silliness

We thought you would enjoy two little glimpses into what happens when contemplative nuns recreate. The first comes to you from a recent Scrabble game: 

One nun asked, “I wonder how potatoes got to be called ‘spuds.’” As the other three were similarly curious, a dictionary was fetched, and the word located. Lo! A most interesting etymology was recited: spud, defined as “a tool or device like a spade or chisel, used for digging,” comes to us from the Middle English word spudde, meaning “dagger!” Such an unlikely etymology immediately reminded the contemplative foursome of Isaiah 2:4. Greatly enlightened, the original nun exclaimed, “More proof that the Kingdom of God has come among us! ‘They shall turn their daggers into shovels, and they shall dig potatoes!!!’” Much laughter ensued. 


Our second vignette was inspired by the transfer a couple months ago of two English thyme plants into the little garden Sr. Rose Marie takes care of. We shall tell our tale in pictures:


“Are you going to the Passionists fair?” 


“Parsley, sage, Rose Marie, and thyme!” 


“Remember me to One who lives there…” 


“for He is a True Love of mine.”

 Based on the traditional Great Britain ballad “Scarborough Fair”

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