Renewed in our Dedication to be Brides of Christ

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Pro Orantibus Day (November 21st – a day set aside to remember and pray “for those who pray”) is also the feast of the Presentation of our Lady in the Temple.

We have just finished our annual 4 day retreat (Nov. 17-20) in preparation to renew our vows, a devotional practice that dates back to the days of our Holy Founder, St. Paul of the Cross.  All Passionist Nuns throughout the world (about 36 monasteries) have devotional renewal of vows on this feast.

St. Paul of the Cross was very devoted to our Lady and greatly loved this feast day.  It was on this feast that Paul was first clothed in the habit (though without the Passion sign at first), and the first Passionist retreat was named for the Presentation.  (Retreat is what Paul called his monasteries for the Passionist men.)

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This photo was taken during Mass as we renewed our vows.  Our two postulants, Elizabeth (whom you see at the far right of this photo) and Nora, as well as our aspirant Christie Anna (whom you can see in first photo) also got to join us in the retreat as they continue to discern with us if Passionist life is how God is calling them to serve Him.


During our retreat, Fr Simon-Felix, OP gave us a daily conference on each of our 5 vows.  As you can see here from one of the props he used during his conferences, he has a very “Passionist” heart.  He also tied in our vows with the Liturgy, using lots of Scripture. Father is a chaplain at Indiana University in Bloomington.

During our retreat, we also enjoyed our first snowfall of the year.  Nov 17 is very early for us to get snow, and for it to stick around past noon!  In fact, it stuck for a few days.

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One thought on “Renewed in our Dedication to be Brides of Christ

  1. Thank you for this post. God bless you all for rewind your vows. The ceremony following the retreat sounds lovely. It must be soon time for postulant Elizabeth to have her clothing ceremony. Am praying for her.

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