Blessed Christmas to you!

Mary and Joseph kneel at the cradle of the Redeemer

Mary and Joseph kneel at the cradle of the Redeemer

Blessed 3rd day of Christmas!

Wow…Advent was busy. I certainly didn’t plan to go so long without posting anything on the blog!

Don’t miss our Christmas newsletter featuring our first article about Passionist life during this Year of Consecrated Life.

We also have glorious news for you during this Christmas season – Christie Anna is now a postulant!


Elizabeth was accepted to receive the holy habit!

More details and photos coming…

May this Christmas season be merry and bright for you. Let us also remember those Christians who are this day being tortured, imprisoned, persecuted for their faith in Christ. May their witness wake us from our slumber. Jesus be born in us!

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7 thoughts on “Blessed Christmas to you!

  1. Such wonderful news for Christmas! God bless you all, Sisters, and may God shower you with an abundance of blessings in the New Year!

  2. Wonderful news. Congrats to Elizabeth and to your growing, thriving novitiate. Pictures, please! Let’s see all three postulants before the white veil comes! Yay.

  3. Wonderful news. Congratulations Elizabeth and Christie Anna. I pray your Passionist life will be a long and happy one.
    The postal system in Australia is very slow now. I posted a book to my brother from NSW to Tasmania and 10 days later it had still not arrived.
    I wish all sisters a very happy New Year.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lots of fabulous news from the convent! I have a question for all the newsletter readers regarding the postal service. This year my family members in Los Angeles received their newsletters about December 23. It is now the 27th and we have not received ours yet in WA. When does the newsletter arrive at your home? I am just curious about what is going on with the postal system! I am so glad that the newsletter is also online!

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