A Family Visit at the Monastery

Ever wonder what it’s like for families to visit the monastery? Using their photos and a post-visit thank you letter, here is a little glimpse of life in Saint Joseph Guest House during the final days of 2014. 

January 7, 2015 Feast of St. Raymond of Penyafort

Dear Mother Catherine Marie and our Passionist Sisters,

It is with joy that we wish you a holy, happy and healthy new year filled with all of God’s gifts, blessings, fruits and virtues!  May our dear Lord bless and protect each one of you and your beloved families now and forever.

We just wish to thank you all for your kind hospitality and warm welcome to us during our recent visit!  We were made to feel very comfortable, secure and at home.  The time with [our daughter] was blessed and will remain a treasure in our memories forever.  We also were thrilled to meet the [other families].  We are receiving the multitudinous “extended family” with joy… the multiplied blessings which our dear Lord promised for those who give up mother, father, son, daughter, etc. for love of Him!

Thank you for the delicious meals and for the generous diversity of choices of food to eat.  It was wonderful to dine with the other families and really gave a sense of being gathered together as one large family!

The visits with our daughters were well-timed and reflect benevolence on your part and compassion for our deep need to have re-connections with our beloved “own”!  The time in the parlor with all of you is delightful and after meeting all of you in February, we immediately understood how [our daughter] could be so delighted to contemplate spending her Earthly and Heavenly life with you all!

We look forward to our next visit and meanwhile will keep all of our Kentucky sisters and their/our family in prayer and in our grateful hearts…

With deep appreciation, thanks and Love,  

[A wonderful family of one of our postulants]

Click on a photo to see the entire gallery. Special thanks to Abram Wenke for the use of his photos.

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3 thoughts on “A Family Visit at the Monastery

  1. Gorgeous photos and what a beautiful sharing of family. Thank you for the wondrous glimpse into the Passionist family life and what a loving one it is. God bless you all.

  2. Ditto! So eloquently put and echoing our sentiments as well. So many more people to love! I know feeding all our troops is a feat and we are so appreciative to Christie and crew for all the meals. Thank you for your generosity! Love, hugs and prayers

  3. Thank you for posting the eloquent letter from a fellow “family member” parent. If only I had that gift of such articulate script. The photographs taken by Abram Wenke truly captured the atmosphere of the wonderful visit although I do not understand the significance of the six of spades. The days spent at St. Joseph’s Monastery were are fabulous welcome to the New Year!

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