Winter Birds (And Nuns Too)

We are once again buried in snow! If I am reading the snow graph correctly we got 16 – 20 inches of snow last night.  UPDATE: Other sources say we received 12 plus inches. Still plenty in which to go sledding and build a snow saint (Saint Paul of the Cross); perhaps I’ll get a pic of that later today.

When the winter snows come we enjoy watching the birds visit our bird feeder near our refectory door. (50 pound bag of bird seed generously provided by Sister John Mary’s sis!)

 We also enjoy watching the “Nun-Birds” who try to fly down the hill.

Special thanks are due to neighbor Barry Aud for making our driveway passable twice in one month!



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6 thoughts on “Winter Birds (And Nuns Too)

  1. The female cardinal is spectacular! I have seen male cardinals in Virginia, but never recall seeing the female. When I click on the pictures to make them larger, the birds seem to come alive! The “Nun-Birds” are having way too much fun!

  2. Cedar waxwings AND cardinals? I’m so jealous. And we didn’t get any snow at all in the Pacific Northwest. I gladly would have taken a few inches off your hands.

  3. Such wondrous winter pictures. I love it that you all were out enjoying the snow. The birds are just beautiful! Thumbs up to my cousin Barry Dean for clearing your driveway! Though I am ready for the warmth and flowers of spring, I do think the snow is gorgeous! Thank you God for the incredible beauty of your nature.

  4. Enjoyed your photos! Now I know where my goldfinches & cardinals disappear to during our frigid winter temps up here in Minnesota! Happy to know they’re being well cared for! Please greet them for me & tell them I’m looking forward to seeing them visit our feeder this spring & summer! 🙂

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