Another Day in the Monastery

Okay…I am a bit late in posting the following adventure but thought you might like to read about it…

We are going to have a huge WATER bill for this month. Here’s what happened: during one of the ferocious lightning storms on Holy Thursday early afternoon, there was a terrible lightning strike. We’re not sure if we took a direct hit or what, but very shortly after this our electricity went out. After this we heard the loud roaring of water, which sent many of us on a search mission to find out where all the racket was coming from. In the main mechanical room of the monastery, a bladder air tank hooked up to the water heater had literally blown off, releasing a massive geyser into the mechanical room which busted through the ceiling and sprayed water everywhere below and above the dry wall ceiling!

geyser cleanupcblog 2015

If the electricity is out how do we have lights on in the main mechanical room? Emergency generator supplies electricity to some areas of the monastery.


By the time we found it, the water in some places was ankle-deep, and seeping out into the corridor.

geyser cleanupb blog 2015

It also was leaking into the ceiling of the chaplain’s breakfast room adjacent to the mechanical room.

geyser cleanupeblog 2015

Needless to say, we got into disaster mode! Seeing no way to stop the geyser until a plumber could arrive, we organized a brigade of Nuns with brooms, who kept vigorously sweeping as much water as possible down the one drain in the room. Other Nuns put rags and flood bags in the doorway, in an attempt to contain the water inside the mechanical room.

geyser cleanupa blog 2015

Finally, one of our “Sister-Fix-It’s” (Sr. Mary Andrea) valiantly climbed up on a ladder and with great effort succeeded in stopping part of the water source. (She also thought to grab the camera and take some photos!)

Notice the mini-geyser after Sr. Mary Andrea succeeded in almost turning off the water.

Notice the mini-geyser after Sr. Mary Andrea succeeded in almost turning off the water.

After what seemed like an eternity, the plumber calmly walked in. We don’t have any idea what he thought when he saw us in action, but he quickly set to work and at last stopped the source of the catastrophe. As for ourselves, we finished up praising and thanking God that this did not happen during one of the Holy Week services or during the night when no one would have discovered it; and we thanked God for this very small share in the Passion of Jesus who is suffering throughout the world in the members of His Mystical Body.

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5 thoughts on “Another Day in the Monastery

  1. We don’t have such extremes of cold weather in most of Australia. It is more likely to be bush fires and floods that are the biggest problems. Sydney does get some severe storms at this time of year which can create havoc.
    I hope the plumber now has everything under control for you all. It must have been dreadful but you are an amazing lot of sisters and take it all in your stride.

  2. Thanks be to God you were all OK! Sister Andrea Mary, you had some idea that there must be a way to shut off the water. And now it sounds comical.!!

  3. Many years ago, I was sitting on the cellar steps when the hot water heater sprung a leak–it was also geyser-like. I was literally feet away from the water valve, and turned it off, then called the plumber. This valve was for the water supply for the whole house.

    Glad the plumber came fast to help you.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, last year our local parish hall basement literally had flooding up to the level of the second step from the top. So like seven feet of water. God bless!

  5. Once again it seems that the sisters are following our Lord Jesus Christ by ‘walking on water’. We are very grateful that the damage was not more severe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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