Passionist Nuns in Video for Year of Consecrated Life

Last night we ended our Forty Hours of Eucharistic Adoration. It was a wonderful mini-retreat, a time to rekindle our awe at the amazing love of Jesus, ever-present with us in the Blessed Sacrament. Here in the monastery it is a privilege to dwell in the Shadow of His Presence.

During this Year of Consecrated life the Diocese of Owensboro produced a 10 minute video featuring some of the communities of consecrated life present in our diocese. Sr. Cecilia Maria was the lucky nun to represent our community!  Don’t miss it!

There are 3 days left to register for our Vocation Retreat!


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5 thoughts on “Passionist Nuns in Video for Year of Consecrated Life

  1. Grandma really liked the video and the picture of Sister Cecilia Maria with the flowers. She does not have internet at her home, but was able to view your blog AND watch the video on her cell phone all by herself. She does not know how she did it, but she did! Next project, write a comment on the blog by herself.

  2. Thank you Sister Cecilia Marie for your work in the beautiful video. We are so blessed to have all of our Consecrated Religious around us. God bless you all during this special year and always.

  3. Thank you for sharing this video. I enjoyed listening to the priests and sisters, especially Sr. Cecilia Marie explaining their roles in doing God’s work on earth.

  4. Your vocation videos are just excellent. May you have a fabulous Vocation Retreat coming up. I also especially enjoyed Sr. Cecilia Maria!!!

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