Celebrating the Independence Day – Monastery Style

Today many people are still celebrating the Fourth of July with a long holiday weekend. We are back to work here in the monastery but we had a nice celebration on Saturday. We fired up the grill and cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, grilled garlic and roasted marshmallows for S’mores. We broiled lots of fresh veggies but had to do those indoors. 

Some of the Sisters went mushroom picking. They came back with great excitement over their harvest! 

Since we changed our horarium a couple years ago and now rise at 4:30 a.m. for the Office of Readings we no longer stay up to set off Fireworks in the evening. But here in the monastery there are plenty of other ways to celebrate our Independence. Most importantly, our celebration is rooted in a special Liturgy of the Hours Votive Office and Mass for Independence Day.

Enjoy the photos! Click on one to enlarge and scroll through.


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8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Independence Day – Monastery Style

  1. What a celebration you had! I have never seen so many mushrooms of different varities together. I’m glad that you check for poisonous ones. I think that I had a great grandmother who died from eating poisonous mushrooms. I may have to ask my Mother about that again.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. It is a joy to see your smiling faces.

    God bless America and God bless all of you.

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos. I have never seen mushrooms like those in Australia though we do have poisonous varieties.

  3. What beautiful blue mushrooms! I’ve never seen mushrooms like that in Minnesota! Sounds like all of you had a wonderful Independence Day! Let’s pray that our nation will return to Our Lady under the title of her Immaculate Conception & never again leave her & Her Beloved Son! God be with all of you! And, thank you for sharing the photos!

  4. What a beautiful array of pictures! I was concerned about the unique grilled garlic and marshmallow S’mores and questioned the combination with chocolate. A true Kentucky Monastery combination! Obviously I read the post incorrectly. Happy Fourth of July!

  5. You all must really know your mushrooms to just go out and pick them!

    I have been meaning to ask you how to pronounce Sister Lucia’s name? Is it “Lu-cee-a”, “Lu-chee-a”, or “Lu-sha”. When I mention her name to the Lord, I’d like to get it right! : – ) Thanks.

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