Two Vestitions in One Year – Blessed be God!


Now…for some super great news…Nora will be leaving us…that’s right…one week from today…on the solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven…Nora will depart and Sister ? of the ? will emerge.  That’s right in one week we will have another joyous vestition! Nora will be clothed in the Passion of Christ and receive her new name. She will embark upon her two-year journey of preparation to make the five Passionist vows.

 Dearly beloved, you must know that the main object in wearing black, according to the special inspiration God gave me, is to be clothed in mourning for the Passion and Death of Jesus.  For this purpose let us never forget to have always with us a constant and sorrowful remembrance of him.

St. Paul of the Cross

Please rejoice with us! Keep her and her family in your prayers during this special time. She will be in a 3-day retreat Wednesday through Friday. Photos and reflections will be coming! Any guesses as to what her new name and title will be?  Now… to those who do know…like her five brothers – don’t spill the beans!

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9 thoughts on “Two Vestitions in One Year – Blessed be God!

  1. Love reading this blog it’s so inspiring; especially today when there is so much despair and lack of religion. I love seeing your little community growing; nicely and surely. Girls need to see that this is an option in life and discern whether they are called.

  2. There are several Catholic online forum members (Phatmass’ “Vocation Station” praying for Nora and her family). Will we be given a sneak peak of the preparations–like Sr. Lucia Marie working on her habit–with your newest novice-to-be? Blessings to all!

  3. Our thoughts and prayers with Nora and the entire community at this joyful event! Sr. Maria Assumpta of the Immaculate Heart might work :).

  4. That IS wonderful news! I am so happy to hear this today, the same day that Bishop Medley ordained our newest Transitional Deacon, Jamie Dennis. God is blessing us with holy and courageous men and women who are discerning His special call to religious vocations. We are so very blessed! Congratulations to Nora and her family and to all of you dear Passionist Nuns. God is so good!

  5. Wonderful news – so happy for you Nora! I will keep you in my prayers.

    And Sister, you still went with the ” Nora will be leaving us” intro to this announcement….hmmm 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Nora.
    May I speculate on your name: Sister Ida Clare of the Year of Mercy.

    Seriously, you are so blessed by God. Prayers for you and all the sisters.
    Please pray for me. Thanks.

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