Monastic Practices – Monastic Decorum


Monastic Decorum is our fifth theme of Monastic Practices I want to share with you during this Year of Consecrated Life.


How many of us have had a class on manners and decorum?  This really needs to be taught in schools!  Each young woman who enters our community attends a course on Monastic Decorum.

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2 thoughts on “Monastic Practices – Monastic Decorum

  1. Oh, they’d kick me out. I’d be slurping my soup and speaking my mind when I shouldn’t…..sigh. Good for you ladies!!

    God bless you,


    Pray for the Persecuted Christians.

  2. This is fascinating! Can you give some examples of what your new members are taught in the monastic decorum class? As a young nun (fifty years ago) we were taught an almost robot-like kind of walking, sitting, standing that stamped out any spontaneous expression. Don’t whistle, don’t put your hands in your pockets, never slouch, don’t swing your arms when walking, never cross your ankles when sitting, keep custody of the eyes, never laugh aloud except for a discreet chuckle, etc. etc. I see from your blog and photos that this isn’t what you mean, but I’m curious what monastic decorum looks like today. Thanks!

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