What’s Happening at the Monastery?

Whew! Where has the time gone!? I’m pulling together a hodge-podge of photos representing a variety of happenings here at the monastery.  In the dictionary “hodge podge” is defined as a “confusing mixture” – that about says it!  Enjoy!


Sr. Frances Marie sits in the midst of her rock garden in August. She is surrounded by Asparagus Bean vines that gave us many a meal of asparagus beans.




Sr. Marie Michael celebrated her 65 anniversary of Passionist Profession of vows on September 29th. Her word of wisdom for us her sisters:

[…] that we may live our Passionist charism ever more deeply, that is, to hold the love and sufferings of Jesus, the sorrows and anguish of Mary deep in our hearts. Then no trial that comes our way will be too great to endure, or a cross too heavy to carry in order to gain many souls to live with him forever.


In honor of Sister’s 65th anniversary we had a half day Gaudeamus and some sisters went fishing…


but, for the most part, the fish weren’t biting…they were taking their siesta.


Postulant Christie Anna was the only one who caught one.



October 20th was the Feast Day of our Holy Founder, St. Paul of the Cross. Bishop Medley was the guest of honor.



October 23-25 was our Fall Vocation Retreat. We had four participants…be on the look-out for a future post about this.



Yesterday was the Passionist Feast of Blessed Eugene Bossilkov, Bishop and MartyrHis relic and picture were on display in back of chapel throughout the day. Instead of going to work after our midafternoon prayers we had free time. Here a group of sisters get ready to work outdoors…some went rock harvesting.



And as I close this blog post I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention our spiritual union with all those affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris last evening.  Notre Dame de Paris, pray for the people of your city!

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2 thoughts on “What’s Happening at the Monastery?

  1. Thank you, Sisters, for sharing some snapshots of your life with us! When I pray the Liturgy of the Hours, I spiritually unite myself with all of you. I am a OCDS, but I feel a kinship with all of you because of my religious name, Mary Elizabeth of Christ Crucified. As a victim soul, there is much suffering in my life & when I need companionship, I read your blog! God be with all of you!

  2. If I were fifty years younger I would fly to your Passionist community and stay there forever. You are so blessed in your vocations to be close to Our Lord in His Passion. Pray for me and my family. God be with you always.

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