Thanksgiving Day in the Monastery

What do Nuns, Turkey in the Straw, and Play-doh have in common? All of them were a part of our Thanksgiving Day celebration last week.

We had our usual Thanksgiving Day Gaudeamus which brought much rejoicing, feasting, and time spent outdoors from after Mass until Night Prayer that evening.

After our Thanksgiving Dinner we teamed up to create symbols of different things for which we are grateful. This is where the Play-doh came in. For some entertainment during supper dishes Sr. Cecilia Maria played Turkey in the Straw which brought out the playfulness of everyone and was a joyful end to a day of gratitude for God’s abundant blessings.

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By the way…6 days until Christie Anna’s Vestition and Naming Day – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception! Keep her in your prayers and also those future postulants – We don’t know who they are but God does. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day in the Monastery

  1. Oh, what a blessing to find my family of God here! This Oblate Passionist finds herself so moved finding my family radiating such love and joy! May God bestow blessings upon blessings on each of you! This Second Sunday of ADVENT, God bless you!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Love the artistic play doh creations! Sorry to hear that Mother Catherine was so sick though. By now I hope that she is better. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of such joy-filled faces!

    Love and peace to all this Advent season and prayers for Christie Anna as her very special day approaches.

    God is so good to us!

  3. Looking at the pictures brings to my mind the fact that we are to do all things with joy for God! Sometimes I struggle with the all things part but you bring that meaning home even with play do! Just wondering if the black things were lumps of coal!😇 Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Missed Mother Catherine Marie(hope she is feeling much better) and Sr. John Mary in the pictures(somebody has to take them) May God bless you for the good works you do!!!

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