This liturgical season beckons one to draw closer to God. With time off from work and school more people have time to come aware of their deepest longing to give their lives to the Lord. Often the number of inquiries about our Passionist life increases.  Young men and women are thinking of how they can dedicate their lives to God.

During this Year of Consecrated Life I would like to introduce you to an excellent ministry that supports men and women who are on this journey.


The Institute on Religious Life is a wonderful ministry in our Church here in the U.S.A. Their mission is to foster and strengthen vocations to consecrated life.

Here are some of the ways they promote consecrated life:


Vocation Blog

“Religious Life” Magazine

Religious Brotherhood

Cloistered Life

Their Website Lots of materials here for everyone…links to vocation discernment retreats, Vita Consecrata Institute, links for various religious communities, a variety of resources, meetings for lay and consecrated persons, etc.

Are you a lay person with a passion for supporting Consecrated Life in the Church?  This ministry is also for you.

Happy reading and thanks for supporting Consecrated Life!

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