Blessed Christmas!


Photo taken on Sr. Maria Fuastina’s Vestition Day December 8, 2015

A holy and joyful Christmas and a blessed New Year!

Mother Catherine Marie and all the Nuns

P.S. Christie was taking this photo and so she missed being in this picture. 😦  


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5 thoughts on “Blessed Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for the beautiful mass last night! It was perfect and so inspiring ! The music was so wonderful. Thanks for all your practicing to praise our baby Jesus! Happy New Year !

    Kim Burris

    • I love the photo.The community is growing and you all look so happy. I went to midnight Mass and a Tongan choir sang Christmas carols starting at 11.30pm the during the Mass. The atmosphere was so beautiful. Being in Australia we are a day ahead of you. It is now Boxing Day here and hot and humid. No white Christmas for us.

  2. Blessed Christmas, dear Sisters! Though cloistered, you make your presence know in our noisy, busy world, in the hearts of those of us privileged to know if your beautiful lives. I prayed today at Christmas Mass that God would help another young woman to find her way, with Him, towards you!

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