Hodge Podge of Photos in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Is one still permitted to say that on January 19th? Well, I shall since this is my first blog post of 2016! We haven’t taken many photos lately but here are several you might enjoy.

Just click on a photo to scroll through close-up views.

Sorry there aren’t many photos here but hopefully this is better than no post at all!

This entry was posted by Sponsa Christi.

5 thoughts on “Hodge Podge of Photos in the New Year

  1. Thank you for the photo update! While praying Morning Prayer today, I thought, “Haven’t heard from my Passionist friends; hope they’re OK.” Was feeling lonely, so I spiritually united my prayer time with yours. Hope that’s OK. Looks like you’re having a wonderful Christ-centered time! God be with all of you.

  2. Way better than no post at all! Thanks so much for sharing! Still trying to wrap my head around someone sticking their head in a tree not knowing what’s in there! I can’t decide if she is really brave or really crazy or a little of both! Happy “Mercy Full” 2016!

  3. LOve the photos, thank you for posting them but I have to say i did a double take and had to look hard at the photo of the new novices. I thought one had tattoos up his arm but it was his jumper with the patterned sleeve. Every 2nd young person I see here in Australia has a tattoo. It seems to be the latest fashion for the young and even girls are getting them.

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