Fun Photos Plus Maddening Advice to a New Member

In mid-January we celebrated the Novice Directress’ Feast day. Lots of joy and fun…a wonderful opportunity to show Sister Mary Veronica our appreciation for all she does in forming the future of our Passionist Community.

It was a chilly dreary day outside but Spring was the theme in the Novitiate!

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And here is the Mad Lib if you would like to read it.  Before reading it to us Sr. Frances Marie asked for the words that are in the parenthesis and then filled in the blanks…that is what makes this story a mad lib. Enjoy!

“Advice to a New Member”


Welcome to St. Gabriel’s Novitiate!

Hopefully, the following information will help you get your bearings throughout your first days in the novitiate. At around midnight (time of day) in the morning, go to Sr. Mary Veronica’s office for a blessing. When you knock, she will say “Mercy!” (pious ejaculation), which means you can come in. Sister will bless you with gel (type of liquid), and then she will assign your work for the day. If it’s a exquisite (adj) day, she may tell you to tumble (verb) the daisy (type of flower) bed, or gallop (verb) the flower barrel (container). Or there might be indoor work: dusting, climbing (verb ending in ‘ing’), or cleaning the pumpkins (plural noun). Don’t be melancholy (emotion) if you wind up in the kitchen-extra knee caps (part of the body, pl) are usually welcome there. Whatever work it may be, you can count on Sr. Mary Veronica to keep you humongous (adj)! You will also have a 10 (number)-minute class each morning in the Printing Room (room in the monastery); if that room is in use, class is held in the Utility Closet (another room).

Each afternoon, the novitiate has rosary and recreation together. We often go for a walk outside, so wear good walking Petticoat (article of clothing)! You will find that conversations at recreation are usually casual and pretty (adj). This is a great time to have a little fun and get to know your sisters. After recreation, we have a short period of study-about 72 (number) minutes, before Evening Prayer. Well, that’s the basic weekday schedule-of course, meals, prayer time and recreation will be with the whole community. If you ever have a question, or if you need anything, or if you are just having a pretentious (adj.) day, go to Sr. Mary Veronica! She is very checkered (adj.), and is always more than discombobulated (emotion) to assist you with anything you may need.

Oh! One more thing! Be sure to remember your laundry number, 42 (number)! You would want to find yourself wearing someone else’s socks (article of clothing).

We are so soft (adj) to have you with us, and our prayers are with you as you settle into monastic life! Entrust yourself each day to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to Our Sorrowful Mother, and your journey will be peaceful and blessed!

I hope you enjoyed our silliness – the Lord bless you and yours!

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7 thoughts on “Fun Photos Plus Maddening Advice to a New Member

  1. Thank you for the laugh! But seriously, everyone is just going to let the spider go without comment? I mean they usually don’t get invited to tea parties.

  2. Never heard of mad lib before but judging by the wording it was great fun. Thank you for sharing the photos of the party. You all look as if you had great fun. So pleased to read that you take time out of your very busy lives to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

  3. This Mother must have missed the boat when it came to games. I had to get educated on what Mad Lib was – figured it out, but have never heard of it? Where have I been? Looks like the celebration was fabulous!

  4. I love hearing about all of the fun you dear ladies have. You all have so much love to give one another. Thank you for sharing your holy examples of entertainment with us, but most of all, thank you for answering God’s call to serve Him in such a beautiful way. Love to you all!

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