The Clothing of a Nun

The clothing of a Nun is called a “Religious Habit” or “Habit” for short.  Being clothed in the Passionist habit is a symbol of the inner transformation that takes place throughout the life of a Passionist Nun.

To read more about the spirituality of the habit don’t miss Sr. Lucia Marie’s article written on the occasion of her reception of the holy habit in February 2015.

Morning Habit Assembly

The holy habit is a cherished part of our Passionist monastic life.   Every day, as the 4:30 am bell rouses us from our beds, we put on this garment of the Passion, given to St. Paul of the Cross and his spiritual children as a very tangible way in which we live our loving remembrance of our Crucified Bridegroom. Vesting ourselves each morning in the habit is a prayer and a renewal of our commitment to Passionist life (albeit a semi-conscious one for some of us who have trouble waking up!). We thought you would enjoy a glimpse into this little ritual that begins each Passionist day.

The prayers quoted below are not official, but they were composed some years ago by a novice, based on the texts of the Passionist vestition ceremony, and a number of us pray them as we put on each piece of our holy habit.

Habit Assemblypartiblog2016

Tunic – Collar – Petticoat – Habit

Putting on the Habit:

O Jesus Crucified, help me to unite myself with you who humbled yourself and took the form of a slave, becoming obedient even to death on a Cross. May this holy garment of the Passion help me lovingly to remember you, and to proclaim you with all my heart, words, and deeds.


Habit Assemblypartiiblog2016

Belt and Rosary


Girding oneself with the Belt and Rosary:

My suffering Spouse, as you were bound by chains and ropes in your Passion, may I be bound to you by the bonds of love. My Sorrowful Mother, may I ever stand with you at the foot of the Cross.










Cap and Veil

Cap and Veil

Putting on the Veil:

Dear Saint [personal patron], teach me to be a pure and faithful bride of Christ Crucified. May I daily grow more docile to my Passionist formation, that one day I may vow myself to Him forever.

or (after profession)

Dear Saint [personal patron], teach me to be a pure and faithful bride of Christ Crucified. May I ever grow more docile to my Bridegroom, as I live out my vows in daily Passionist life.







Buckling the Sandals:

Holy Father Paul of the Cross, help me to walk in the footsteps of my Beloved, even unto Calvary. May I die mystically in Him, that I may live in Him forever.



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5 thoughts on “The Clothing of a Nun

  1. Hello sisters. I really enjoyed reading the prayers as you put on each piece of your holy habit. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Do you have a way that you can receive messages privately? Thank you and God bless you all.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      You can send us a private message to us by going to our website: scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the e-mail link. I’ll direct the sister who checks this email account that you will be writing. You can also contact us by filling out the vocation inquiry form. Even if you are not discerning it will still come through to us. Jesus bless you!

  2. Thank you for a glimpse of Passionist spirituality that surrounds putting on the habit each morning! It reminds me of the prayers priests say as they’re vesting for Holy Mass. God be with all of you!

  3. Thank you for posting. It is a very nice, simple and practical habit and looks comfortable to wear. God bless you all dear sisters.

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