What’s Happening at the Monastery

I sure wish I could post more frequently but with my other responsibilities the time to make a blog post just slips away!

Here is a little of what’s been happening in the cloister lately…



This fantastic dessert was created by Sr. Cecilia Maria for Divine Mercy Sunday – quite creative – don’t you think?


Sr. John Mary’s father, Bill Read, was received into the Catholic Church on the Easter Vigil. The above photo was taken on the occasion of a special celebration at the monastery in his honor. A delightful visit was had by all followed by a special Mass offered by Fr. Jeff. Mitchell, Bernadine, Bill and Fr. Jeff, seen above, attended the visit. We missed Sr. John Mary’s other siblings Doug and Patricia along with and their families who were unable to be present.


Sr. Mary Luka, FSGM, director of the Mater Redemptoris House of Formation in the La Crosse, WI diocese visited us in April. Through this program she and her sisters are doing a stupendous job in teaching young women life skills, spirituality and discernment, all of which are necessary for life in a convent or monastery. Our vocation directress (Sr. John Mary) and novice directress (Sr. Mary Veronica) benefitted greatly from the information given. Find them at their Facebook page and learn more about the aspirancy formation program at their website.

benchchimememchrisgoolsbyblog2016 benchchimememchrisgoolsbyiblog2016

The lovely bench and wind chime was donated in memory of Oblate Affiliate Christie’s son – Chris Goolsby


Sophomores from Trinity High in Whitesville spent a day here doing volunteer work…hauling off logs, picking up limbs, filling in holes, washing vehicles, cleaning garages and sheds, power-washing houses, and weeding. God bless and reward each one of you! Come again soon!


I must admit I am glad these days are over!

Thank God for Spring!

…more “happenings at the monastery” in a later post…

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3 thoughts on “What’s Happening at the Monastery

  1. Love the dessert It is very creative. Sister John Mary must be very happy that her dear father has become a Catholic.I hope it brings him great joy.

  2. Some fascinating things are going on there. What a nice Divine Mercy dessert! I love the beautiful news of Mr. Read joining the Church! What a joy! I also love seeing the young people helping out. That’s a blessing for all.

    I am also glad the winter is over.

    God bless you all, especially in the storms.

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