It’s Martha and Mary Time Again

Photo of this statue taken a few weeks ago

This photo was taken a few weeks ago by good friend and diocesan priest, Fr. Josh McCarty, of Lolek Productions. More about that photo shoot and Lolek Productions in an up-coming blog post.

That’s right. As of yesterday, half of the Sisters (the Marys) are in a silent retreat for a blessed 8 days while the other half take on most of the monastery duties (hence, the Marthas).

Please pray for us during these very special days.  We need these times of rejuvenation that we be renewed in our surrender to God’s mission for our contemplative life and that we be filled with generosity to live it. May our Lady intercede powerfully for us that we may fall ever more in love with her Divine Son – Jesus!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Martha and Mary Time Again

  1. Our computer has been down since the 20th, so I just read your post today. Keeping you in special prayer during these very special days with Our Lord. I cannot imagine how you must be suffering these days. A priest-friend told me everyone he knows who’s been trying to live faithfully as Catholics is being severely tried right now. Let’s hold each other close in our prayers.

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