Lolek Productions’ Photo Shoot at the Monastery

It all started with a desire to make some vocation posters…we needed some really good photos to work with. I contacted our friend Larena Lawson to see if she could help us and she suggested that Fr. Josh McCarty come over and see what he could do.  On May 5th, Fr. Josh and Larena showed up with LOTS of photography equipment and TONS of energy!  Fr. Josh is the founder and operator of Lolek Productions.  Read the blog post about their visit to our monastery.

Here are some of the photos. God-willing, Sr. John Mary, will now make time to get some vocation posters created and printed!

Enjoy this small sampling of the photos he took. Thank you Fr. Josh!

I’d love to have some input from you. Please see below the photos…

I’d appreciate your input! One of the vocation posters I want to create is a life-size poster of a nun to be set by the table where our vocation materials are being displayed at Youth 2000 retreats, vocation retreats, etc. Please look at the last two photos of Sr. Mary Andrea. One outdoors smiling and the other holding the crucifix.  A few words and our blog address will be added to one of these photos to make a poster. Which of these photos would you use to draw young women to our vocation materials’ display table and ultimately to consider Passionist life as their vocation?  When you leave your answer in the comment box would you also let me know if you are

1  Male

2 Female

and what age bracket you fit in…

a) under 15 years old

b) between 15 and 25 years old

c) between 26 and 36 years old

d) over 36 years old

Thank you for your assistance!  If you want your comment to remain anonymous let me know and I’ll delete your name before approving it.

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24 thoughts on “Lolek Productions’ Photo Shoot at the Monastery

  1. Sr Andrea with crucifix is focused, peaceful and friendly. Black background envelopes the figure in a warm manner.. The one in the grass is somewhat distracting because of the expansiveness of “nature.” Iam 78, female and a canonical hermit. God bless Sr. Nancy

  2. I love the picture of her holding the crucifix. Her love of Jesus is very apparent on her face. Very inviting and it seems to be symbolic of the Passionist way of life. I am a female way over the age of 36

  3. (25 yrs old, female) I would vote for the photo taken in the garden. She seems happier and more friendly to me in that picture, like a girl-next-door.

  4. The photo of Sister Mary Andrea with the crucifix is lovely–I think that one would be perfect. I’m female, age 24. God bless!

  5. I am female and over 36. Actually, I’m 74 this year and if you ever admit old ladies, I’d fly there pronto, without the need of an airplane.

    The last photo with Sister Andrea holding the crucifix is the one to use, but continue to show the smiling pictures and the “younger sisters” photos in all your vocation endeavors.

    God bless you all. You are in my prayers.


  6. I am female over 36. The pictures are lovely but I really like the group picture in the rare nun post of the six sisters. That pictures speaks to me of the joy of consecrated life.

  7. I love the last picture – Sister Mary Andrea holding the crucifix.
    Also, the other pictures are absolutely lovely! In addition to the poster, you may also want to consider making a collage of the pictures – and include the Passionist sign in the middle of the collage..
    Female – category D
    I also showed this to 2 female friends who agreed with my opinion (recommend using the last picture) and are both in category B

  8. Use the photo of the nun holding the light blue umbrella. An awesome photo! It is a candid shot with a cheerful nun and background! – I am a female many years over age 50.

  9. You are getting some good comments here. The picture with the crucifix is my favorite. Fr. Josh likes the one with me and him too, haha.

  10. My daughter & I both think the crucifix picture would attract more young ladies to the booth.

    We are both female. We are b & d in the age bracket category.

  11. Female – between 15 and 25 years old

    I think the picture of Sr. Mary Andrea holding the crucifix is very fitting and beautiful. It encompasses, I think, in some small way what the center of Passionist life is – the crucified Jesus!

  12. Both pictures are beautiful, and I also wonder if it’s possible to include them both in some way. The picture of Sister outside is very inviting and welcoming — her joy is so evident!
    I’m a female between 15 and 25 years old.

  13. Holding the crucifix is wonderful. I also like the one with the novice and the tree. Female about 30

  14. I like the picture of Sister Mary Andrea holding the crucifix in her hand. The look on her face as she looks down at the crucifix really grabbed me and it says so much about what the Passionist vocation is about. All beautiful photos and the outdoor one is great, but I think if you can only choose one, that one communicates the most. Female, 29

  15. I like the last photo of Sr Mary Andrea holding the crucifix. Her hands make a heart around our Crucified Lord, which is central to the Passionist vocation. The picture of her outside is nice as well, but the one with the black background has a Passionist feeling about it. She looks as though she is united to our Lord in love, and the light of that love and peace radiates from her. Female, age group b.

  16. I love the last three photos the best, although they are all wonderful. I would have really liked the hands picture too, except that the hands do not look relaxed and serene with the fingers so stiffly splayed open as they are. I would not use the individual head shots of the older nuns to attract young women, but I must say that every single one of these nuns are radiant and look so beautiful with the inner joy that their faces convey. The picture of the standing nun against the green background is very welcoming and the nun looks sweet, relaxed and so happy. The group of nuns walking together depicts the closeness of a shared journey to the heart. The last photo of the cross held cradled in hands forming a heart is gorgeous. That would be so effective blown up to poster size for the middle of a display table to grab attention at a vocations fair. I am a woman way over the age of 36, and these photos make me want to reconsider my happy 42 year marriage and live a life of focused silence and prayer amid like-minded souls!

  17. They are all great pictures! I have a slight preference for the outdoor photo, it is very natural and inviting. However, depending on where and how you add text, it may be harder to make it easy to read because of the contrast in color between the grass and Sister’s habit. Female, age group b.

  18. I prefer the photo of Sr Mary Andrea with the green background because she is displaying an open welcoming posture as if inviting the visitor to come and take a flyer. Female over 36.
    Must say I do love the other photo too so I hope you can utilise it too.

  19. Is there a way to have both photos of Sr. Mary Andrea, side by side, on a poster? The one of Sister smiling could show the joy in your vocation. The one of Sister holding the crucifix so beautifully clearly shows the depth of the Passionist vocation of sharing in the Passion of Our Lord. Joy in the depths of suffering out of love for humanity. I am 58 years old & female.

  20. Holding the crucifix,as this photo for me shows the Love in this Sister heart for our Lord and what your life is all about.
    Over 36

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