Passionist Nuns Growing in Communion


Here is some interested news about the Passionist Nuns throughout the world. In Italy last fall, Mother Catherine Marie took part in an historic international meeting of the superiors and delegates of our monasteries of Passionist Nuns. (Just so you understand how historic this was, the one and only other time an international meeting was called was in 1978!)  The meeting was convoked by the Holy See to assist our monasteries in the work of establishing a juridical structure that will unite our monasteries throughout the world, and in drawing up a unified “ratio” for the initial and ongoing formation of Passionist Nuns.

As a follow-up to the international meeting, Mother met here at our monastery with Mother Margaret Mary of our Erlanger, Kentucky monastery, (like them on Facebook!) and Msgr. Michael Palud, C.O. (our canonical assistant) to discuss some of the many issues raised at the meeting in Italy. Mother Margaret Mary’s presence among us was a time of rejoicing in our shared vocation, and mutual sharing of ideas, hopes and concerns.


Mother Margaret Mary, Msgr. Michael Palud, C.O. and Mother Catherine Marie standing in the entrance of our Guest House

Msgr. Palud’s canonical expertise was of immense help in drawing up a document that represents the opinion of our two Kentucky monasteries.  This document was well received by the General Delegate of the Holy See who is assigned to help us.  Two others of our U.S. monasteries, together with the Passionist Nuns in the Philippines, Korea and Japan have also accepted the document Msgr. drew up for us.

Please continue to pray for the Passionist Nuns as we seek to grow in communion with one another and be strengthened in our Passionist charism. In this way, we can better fulfill our life of prayer and joyful penance in the heart of our Mother, the Church.   God love you!


Msgr. Palud and Mother Margaret Mary along with our community members


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7 thoughts on “Passionist Nuns Growing in Communion

  1. I enjoyed our meeting of the Oblates yesterday,,, As usual I always look forward to coming each month, I look forward to our Retreat in August, I sure could use one right now,

  2. Thank you for sharing the news and photos. I think I spotted Mother Catherine Marie standing in the 3rd row on the left. Am I right? Praying for more vocations for your monastery and the Erlanger community.

    • Yes – you are correct. God reward you for praying for vocations to our communities and please also pray for our monasteries in Ellisville, MO, Pittsburgh, PA and Clarks Summit, PA. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing this news. I found it quite interesting. Praise God for all our Passionist Nuns throughout the world. They are such a blessing to us.

  4. The international meeting of the Passionist Nuns is truly historic! Mother Catherine Marie smiled right out at me! It’s easiest to identify the rare “Nun Bird” species one is most familiar with. Still searching for the Lucca subspecies. We all continue to pray for the Passionist Nuns throughout the world.

      • Yes, indeed! I had to enlarge the photo greatly to see the details, but Lucca is represented second row from bottom above the Benedictum Albidum subspecies. The Lucca species has adapted well to the Tuscan climate.

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