Monastery News Summer Update

There is a lot going on here at the monastery!

For one thing, we are preparing for the arrival of our new chaplain, Fr. Lou Caporiccio, C.P.M. on July 1st. So we have been VERY busy preparing the chaplain’s house for the new arrival.

In the midst of all this we are trying to keep our flowers hydrated. The heat index here has been around 100 degrees…a wee bit warm for the poor little things planted in clay soil… Thankfully, we had a well dug in preparation for Y2K (remember that!?) and we put it to good use each summer keeping our flowers alive. (Plus the flowers don’t have to deal with all the chemicals coming out of the hose.) But now the Japanese beetles have arrived… 😦

monasteryentrancesignblog2016 flowerbedblog2016 trianglegardenblog2016

Last week we had a lovely celebration for our current chaplain, Fr. Ray Clark. It was his 25th anniversary of Ordination. There was quite  a crowd present (200 people?) including 16 priests. It was a glorious celebration and we are still enjoying the barbecue leftovers from the reception. Thankfully, they freeze/thaw well!


Anniversary cake by Larena Lawson – delicious and amazing!


Fr Ray Clark sharing his favorite scripture passage from the Gospel of St. John chapter 6 used on his ordination anniversary card with the ancient mosaic of the loaves and fishes on the front.


Some of the fantastic volunteers at the reception following the Mass

Along with preparing for our new chaplain we have also been preparing for our community elections which take place Wednesday. Please pray for the light and guidance of the Holy Spirit! We’ll have a Gaudeamus day Thursday to celebrate. Saturday four families (about 20 people) of the nuns will arrive from Texas, Washington, New York and Florida for a 3 day visit – Yay!

The Thursday after the family visit our new chaplain Fr. Lou moves in, and Friday Mary Kate arrives for a week-long live-in to discern a vocation to Passionist life. Please keep her in your good prayers.


Mary Kate participated in last October’s vocation retreat

This will bring us into July, at the end of which is our next vocation retreat. Please pray that more women register. Thus far, we only have two registrants, only one of whom has made her travel arrangements. Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “Monastery News Summer Update

  1. Lovely pictures…just a note regarding the mention of the Japanese Beetles. There is a powder—very safe, called Milky Spore Powder. It is spread over entire property in mid-August. It is a bacteria. The adult JB lays eggs late July in the soil. The eggs develop into grubs that feed on roots of grass and vegetation. The grub ingests some of the milky spore in the normal process of eating. Once inside the grub the spore multiplies and in 7-21 days, the grub dies. The decomposing grub releases millions more milky spore bacteria into the soil. The powder is harmless, which is beautiful because it lacks any synthetic chemicals. Powder is pricy, especially to cover a large surface area, but 1 application should be effective for 5-10 years! We love it, and now we have more roses (JB’s love eating rose buds and blossoms) to place in front of our statue of Our Blessed Mother. 😀

  2. Here one will find a little piece of heaven! Take from a someone in the know! These are my family in Christ!! As an Oblate Passionist, the blessings of becoming a daughter of St. Paul of the Cross, our Holy Founder carries with it a desire to love more the sacrifical Lamb of God who died so we might be given eternsl life. You all are such blessings! God bless you! Fr. Ray’s was wonderful; you had to have made him so proud! Larena’s masterpiece formed the heart of Father’s priesthood! What a grace!

  3. Thank you for sharing the photos. Your gardens always look good. I have that clay soil but my garden is full of Australian natives which grow in any type of soil and climate. Praying Mary Kate will have a vocation too. Will also pray the elections bring a good outcome and that you all enjoy celebrating on Thursday.

  4. All was very nice at Fr. Ray’s celebration. I was so happy to be there. I will keep you all in prayer this coming week. You have a lot of things going on. God bless you all.

  5. Thank you so much for hosting Father Ray’s celebration last weekend. We so enjoyed seeing your beautiful facility and grounds!

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