Monastery Election Results

On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, our community began a new chapter in our monastic history. Sr. John Mary Read (a.k.a. Sponsa Christi   to our vocation blog readers) was elected Mother Superior!   (Don’t worry. She will continue her blog posts!)

Fr. Pat Reynolds was the representative for our Bishop Medley who was unable to be present. Here he is with newly elected Mother John Mary and the monastic community

Fr. Pat Reynolds was the representative for our Bishop Medley who was unable to be present. Here he is with newly elected Mother John Mary and the monastic community

Mother John Mary came to us from Elberfeld, IN in 1995, and was a postulant during the construction years of our Crisp Road monastery. We have many humorous memories of that young postulant with long curly hair helping us pick up bricks that we Nuns deemed too good to throw away, or driving our 45-mile-an-hour old truck home from the construction site, her clothing spotted with various colors of paint just like all the rest of the famous “polka-dotted Nuns”. We are sure that throughout her “testing by paint” ordeal as a Passionist postulant, she never dreamed that in the plan of the Father, one day she would be called to lead our community as superior. But so it happened.

Throughout these 20 years here at our relocated monastery, Sister has been instrumental in working with prospective candidates to our life.  Hopefully, her vocation work can continue.  Since Mother John Mary is one of only two Sisters who fill a huge generation gap in our community, her election represents a new generation assuming leadership into our future.  As we begin this new chapter in the history of our monastery, we are so grateful to God that we have younger Nuns who give promise of our community continuing on into the future while continuing to attract more vocations.

In the meantime, we are having many laughs as we all adjust to “Mother” Catherine Marie being “Sister” Catherine Marie again; and “Sister” John Mary now being “Mother” John Mary. Throughout the day we hear, “Mother…err, I mean Sister….” And “Sister…err, I mean Mother.” We will soon get it right, especially if our new superior does not take a notion to give us a penance of a rosary for every time we use the wrong title!! Or, on second thought, that might help us make the adjustment faster!!! 🙂

Please keep Mother and all our Nuns in your special prayers! And keep up those vocations prayers too!! Watch for our upcoming issue of “From the Foot of the Cross” for a complete story. Oh! and pray for the other Sisters elected to serve the community for another three years:

Vicar – Sr. Catherine Marie
Novice Directress – Sr. Mary Veronica
First Councilor – Sr. Mary Agnes
Second Councilor – Sr. Mary Veronica
Third Councilor – Sr. Mary Magdalen

Mother John Mary and her Council

Mother John Mary and her Council


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22 thoughts on “Monastery Election Results

  1. Many congratulations to Mother John Mary as you take your new leadership role in the great Passionist community !

  2. I am happy for you my friend!!! I continue to see your hearts love overflow into the lives of the many to come!

  3. Mother John Mary, congratulations! I will read this to my mother (Mary Elllen Ziliak) She will be so excited for you. Prayers… Jeff Ziliak

  4. Congratulations to Mother John Mary, to the new Vicar, Sister Catherine Marie, as well as the councilors, returning novice mistress, and to the entire community! You’re all in the good hands of Our Lady who will help you to make this transition.

  5. Congrats and much happiness for the whole community!! 😉
    I also see a “Mature” novice (far right) in the other community photo!
    I think that is wonderful!
    It gives hope to those of us..who are of advanced i.e. “Mature” age who are discerning…(yet feel hopeless at times) a vocation to the religious life!

    • Thank you for congrats. Actually, Christie is not a “mature” novice but a Passionist Oblate who received an indult from the Holy See to live in our cloister. She does a wonderful job coordinating our guest house.

      God bless you as you seek the Lord’s plan for your life.

  6. What wonderful news! Mother John Mary – you are in my prayers and will be a wonderful leader of this beautiful community! Blessings also for (former Mother-and now Vicar) Sister Catherine Marie who was such an inspiring Mother Superior. The Community is blessed to have such wonderful and faithful brides of Christ. May God bless and shine upon all of you this day and always.

  7. Congratulations Mother John Mary. I am not surprised either that you were elected. Dear Sister Catherine it will be hard for even me to stop thinking ‘Mother Catherine’ every time I see your photo. Praying for you both as you continue your hard work.

  8. God’s blessings & a grand outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all those elected to lead your beautiful & vibrant community! All of you are in my daily prayers. You are a very special & much needed presence in our Church!

  9. Congratulations, Mother John Mary. I am not at all surprised. I have followed along with your community for several years and happy to see new vocations coming your way.

  10. It is such joyful news! May the Lord continue to bless you all under the new leadership of Mother John Mary. Many thanks to former Mother, Sister Catherine Mary, who did such beautiful work as Mother Superior all these years that I have known you dear Passionist Nuns. I am sure that the blessings will continue. Love and prayers to all.

  11. I was going to say too, I’ve been a mother for 12.5 years now. I’m ready to go back to being a sister too, and let Faustina take over. ( :

  12. Congratulations Mother John Mary! I knew you were one of the next. You’re a brave soul. Congratulations Sister Catherine. I hope you enjoy the break! You’re a great lady too. God bless all the Sisters.

  13. Congratulations Mother John Mary! A moment of transition in your community! Our prayers during this time. God bless you and give you all the wisdom and grace you need! The Dominican Nuns of Summit

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